McCain and the Rage Celebrities; Does he Need to go to Rehab?

McCain had pledged to run a clean campaign, but like Mike Tyson when he’s in the mood to munch ear, the Republicans just can’t control themselves. First they tried to blame Barack Obama for the current price of energy, which is actually so high because Republicans have been in Big Oil’s back pocket and in denial about the need for alternative energy programs on a Manhattan Project scale.

Now they are comparing Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, apparently intending to suggest that he is a celebrity with no substance.

I was thinking about the celebrities that might be compared to John McCain, who is notorious for his rage issues. He flies off the handle at people at the slightest provocation and gives them a tongue lashing they can never forget. I personally wouldn’t want him anywhere near the Bomb.

So wouldn’t he be most like Naomi Campbell and Amy Winehouse?

But this could be a fun game. I challenge all my colleagues in the blogosphere to come up with other McCain celebrity match-ups and good rationales (which the GOP attack ads lack).

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