Arctic Ice: Going, going . . . gone; Schweitzer on Energy in Denver

BBC: Arctic ice is at a ‘tipping point’.

Watch for yourself on google earth: “This animation in Google Earth shows satellite data of Arctic sea ice concentration from May 25 to August 21, 2008. Note how the decline rate speeds up during August, with strong losses north of Siberia.” –

The more drilling and use of oil and other fossil fuels in which we engage, the faster the arctic and antarctic ice will melt, leading to rising sea levels.

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer makes the point in Denver that the most important barrel of oil is the one you don’t use.

Schweitzer’s little-noticed speech may be the most important address on energy given so far by an American politician.

Now if only someone could get him off this liquefied coal kick.

Just FYI on melting sea ice and water levels.

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