Cole in Salon: The Bush/Cheney Kettle Call the Putin Pot Black

My column, , “Putin’s War Enablers: Bush and Cheney (Russia’s escalating war on Georgia reveals the consequences of the Bush administration’s long assault on the international rule of law.) is now out in


‘ The run-up to the current chaos in the Caucasus should look quite familiar: Russia acted unilaterally rather than going through the U.N. Security Council. It used massive force against a small, weak adversary. It called for regime change in a country that had defied Moscow. It championed a separatist movement as a way of asserting dominance in a region it coveted.

Indeed, despite George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s howls of outrage at Russian aggression in Georgia and the disputed province of South Ossetia, the Bush administration set a deep precedent for Moscow’s actions — with its own systematic assault on international law over the past seven years. Now, the administration’s condemnations of Russia ring hollow.’

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