7 Killed by US in FriendlyFire; China Deal to Gross $55 bn for Iraq

The US killed 7 Iraqi troops in a friendly fire incident on Wednesday.

What do you want to bet the incident gets brought up at the talks between the US and Iraq on a security agreement?

The Iraqi government has presented new proposals in its negotiations with the United States over a bilateral security agreement. Iraq says the US has three days to respond.

Iraq expects to gross $55 bn. on the 20-year oil services deal it just signed with China.

The Iraqi election commission says it will need four months to arrange for provincial elections from the moment parliament passes the necessary legislation.

Sarah Palin thinks that the Iraq War is a task from God. Well, it is true that none of the conventional explanations is much good.

McClatchy reports political violence in Iraq on Wednesday.


– At dawn, Iraqi army, police and Sahwa check point on Tigris River opened fire on a suspected boat in the river in Tarmiyah (25 miles north of Baghdad). Later, the fire came from the boat and An American helicopter which arrived after having a call from that American boat. Six Iraqi members were killed and ten others were injured, police said. While the MNF-I press desk reply was “We have initial reports that while coalition forces were conducting operations against suspected AQI there was an incident involving weapons fire between Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces north of Tarmiyah, Baghdad. Reports indicate ISF sustained casualties. Coalition aircraft were involved in this incident. It is always regrettable when incidents of mistaken fire occur on the battlefield; a review of the circumstances is under way”.

– Around noon, a roadside bomb targeted an American patrol in Waziriyah neighborhood (north Baghdad). Two people were injured while there are no casualties reported on the America side.

– Police found one dead body in Baghdad today in Shaab neighborhood(north Baghdad).


– An American squad raided a house in Alam village (about 6 miles north east of Tikrit). Tahseen Mikhlif who is a student was killed by that squad, police said. While the MNF-I says “Coalition forces killed a weapons facilitator in Tikrit during an operation to disrupt the AQI bombing network in the Tigris River Valley. Intelligence reports indicate the man was trafficking rockets and bombing components for a Tikrit-based cell, and may have had ties to the AQI propaganda network. When Coalition forces called out for occupants of the target building to surrender, several people came out but told the force one man was still inside. During a security sweep of the building, Coalition forces found the terrorist, dressed in women’s clothing and hiding under a bed with a rifle and military-style assault vest. Perceiving hostile intent, Coalition forces engaged and killed the armed terrorist, who was later determined to be the weapons facilitator. Coalition forces detained five suspected terrorists during the operation and found several weapons, body armor and bomb components”.

– Around 9 pm, a roadside bomb targeted the police patrol in downtown Tikrit near Nabaa restaurant. Some policemen injured in that incident police said.


Around 10:30 am, a roadside bomb detonated in Muqdadiyah town(north east of Baquba).

– Around 11 am, a roadside bomb targeted an army patrol in Balad Ruz (east of Baquba). One soldier was killed and 4 others were injured.


– A roadside bomb detonated in Mosul city targeted a police patrol. 6 people were injured including 4 policemen. ‘

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