Afghanistan: Taliban hit US Security Firm, 23 Dead

Taliban in Afghanistan attacked the convoy of the US security firm, US Protection and Investigations, on Friday. 23 persons were killed in the clash,including 15 Taliban attackers.

A US predator attack on a target in nothern Waziristan, Pakistan, left 12 persons dead on Friday. The target appears to have been a building used by the radical Sunni Badr militant group.

The US attacks on targets inside Pakistan and the permission Bush has given for such attacks roiled Pakistani politics on Friday. Pakistani chief of staff Ashfaq Kayani affirmed that the military and the elected civilian government “will defend the country‚Äôs territorial integrity with full support of the people.”

My guess is that the Pakistani elite secretly gave permission to Bush to hit targets inside Pakistan, and warned him they would have to attack him for the policy.

Tom Engelhardt on “Slaughter, Lies and Video in Afghanistan.”

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