Azizabad Survivors Demand Justice from US; S. Asian Britons "Boiling" with Anger over US Raids

Aljazeera English reports that the Afghans bombed by the US near Herat are demanding justice.

Apparently an al-Qaeda operative named “Nadir” tricked the US, telling them that there was an al-Qaeda safe house in that village, when in fact they were just civilian villagers.

Afghan authorities say the US killed 90 civilians at Azizabad in Herat province. The US military admits to only a handful.

The Times of London released video that appears to settle the issue in favor of the Afghans.

Barnett Rubin on how the genie can’t be put back in the bottle in Afghanistan.

Then there is the “Fury” in Pakistan over US cross-border raids on Waziristan, Pakistani territory, which Chief of Staff Ashfaq Kayani has called unacceptable.

What is even more dangerous than anger in Pakistan is the ire these actions will raise among the already highly alienated and angry British youth of Pakistani heritage. It is almost as if someone wanted to provoke some of them to an act of violence that might return the terrorism issue to the front burner in American presidential politics . . .

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