Eyewitnesses: Palin Asked Repeatedly about Removing Books: Eyewitness: "No Way it was Rhetorical."

Despite the whitewashing attempt being made by the Republican Party, it is obvious to me that the allegation stands, that Palin inquired pointedly and repeatedly with the Wasilla librarian about how to remove objectionable books from the library.

“Mary Ellen Emmons was Wasilla’s librarian at the time. She told a local newspaper, the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, in December 1996 that Palin repeatedly had asked her about removing books from the library, but said Palin never mentioned specific titles, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Palin has cast her questions about the library’s policy, including at a 1996 City Council meeting, as theoretical. Her critics, including a city resident who attended the meeting, say the questioning was more direct.

“There was no way that I thought it was rhetorical,” said Anne Kilkenny, who said she attended the meeting where Palin raised the issue but says she did not remember Palin’s exact words.”

Some rightwing pundits have alleged that I got this wrong. I did not. I said she inquired of the librarian about how to ban the books. She did.

It is the same with her $750 mn in earmarks, which have been made to disappear with a wave of the advertising wand. Or her initial support for the ‘bridge to nowhere,’ which is now being denied by the ads.

And the WaPo story on her charging the state to live in her own home while in Wasilla away from the capital does not exactly back up an image of reforming zeal.

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