Palin Watch

Reactions to Sarah Palin:

Rick Steiner at Seattle P.I. slams the governor for her poor record on the environment. He says she has not taken climate change seriously, despite the thinning of the arctic ice cover; has sued Bush to stop polar bears being declared an endangered species (and lied about the scientific evidence); opposed the clean water initiative and supported mining operations that would pollute salmon streams; supports drilling everywhere you could drill regardless of the environmental impact; and has coddle Exxon with regard to compensation payments over the Valdez disaster.

Subpoenas will be issued in the investigation of whether Palin misused her powers as governor to conduct a personal vendetta against her ex-brother-in-law and wrongfully fired a public safety commissioner because he would not fire the latter.

Gee, wasn’t one of the charges against Kwame Kilpatrick, who was just forced to step down as mayor and faces 4 months in prison, that he fired a deputy police chief and other officers for personal reasons?

And then, she seems to be hiding from us.

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