Is Karzai’s Brother a Drug Lord?

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai’s brother may be involved in the drug trade.

Actually, a majority of Afghans are involved in raising poppies or making and exporting heroin. A good third of the country’s gross domestic product derives from the drug trade and 85% of Europe’s heroin comes from Afghanistan.

Some of the Pushtuns the US and NATO call “Taliban” seem to me actually to just be villagers angry that US or Afghan troops forcibly eradicated their poppy crops.

A British commander has expressed doubts that an “absolute military victory” can be won in Afghanistan and suggested negotiating with the Taliban.

President Karzai is way ahead of him, and has asked the Saudis to help mediate the conflict.

Meanwhile, NATO and the US continued their search and destroy missions, killing 12 “Taliban” in Jalai, it was announced on Saturday.

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