McCain Campaign No. 1 at Self-Parody; McCain support for Mujahideen Papered Over

Sarah Palin’s jab at Barack Obama on Sunday attempting to tie him to terrorism (!) is another in a long line of gaffes that will hurt her ticket tremendously.

You always suspected that McCain, if he got in trouble with the electorate, really would stoop to calling his rival a terrorist.

Saturday Night Live writers don’t even have to create parodies any more. They’ve just been quoting Palin verbatim.

The comedy writers have another wild statement from Palin/McCain to work with now.

As for the real terrorism, someone should please ask McCain about his support in the 1980s for the mujahideen (Muslim holy warriors) blowing up things in Afghanistan, which ultimately led some of the mujahideen to form al-Qaeda. Or about McCain’s friendship and support for Gen.Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, who refused to help capture Bin Laden in 1999 and who continued to support and use the Taliban.

Oh, I forgot, if you declare yourself right wing, it is all right to foment terrorism and the corporate media will never question you about it because, well, because it is the corporate media.

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