Palin on Hamas; Sort of

The Young Turks ask if Palin’s answer on democracy in the Middle East suggests that she supports Hamas:

Asked by Couric about what to do when democratic elections result in the coming to power of parties, such as Hamas, with which the US has problems:

Palin: “Especially in that region we have got to protect those and support those who do seek democracy.”

The BBC reported in 2006 that

‘[Elected Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail] Haniya told the BBC he regretted that Israel had labelled Hamas a terrorist group, adding that “it should have responded differently to the democracy expressed by the Palestinian people”. ‘

Although it is true that her response made it sound as though she may support Haniya, Cenk Uygur is right that she just has no idea what she is talking about and couldn’t find the Gaza Strip on the map or tell you what Hamas is.

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