Bush and Rant on Red Sea Piracy

Piracy by Somali pirates in the Red Sea region threatens to reduce world trade through the Suez Canal by about a third, and could raise petroleum prices again if the smaller oil tankers have to go around the Cape of Good Hope to Europe.

Wouldn’t it be in part the duty of President Bush and the US Navy to make sure there is security on the high seas?

I haven’t seen that Bush ever did anything about the problem.

But he didn’t hesitate to send two aircraft carriers at once into the Persian Gulf, just to tweak the Iranians.

Bush was like some yahoo on Dukes of Hazzard– he was always up for a hotrod street race, but he did not care anything about actually supplying security to anyone. His posturing, threats, and actually invasions have just left the legacy of a lawless world, and Red Sea piracy is only one manifestation of it.

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