Mumbai Muslims Castigate Attackers as Criminals; Footage of Capture of Ajmal

Aljazeera English has more on the Indian Muslim Council Trust’s request that the attackers of Mumbai not be buried in the city’s Muslim cemetery.

The CBC adds: ‘Reshma Advani, dressed in a head-to-toe black robe, agrees the men don’t deserve a place in the city’s graveyards. “It’s correct,” she says in Hindi. “We don’t want them in our cemetery. They’ve caused so much damage. They’ve put Mumbai behind. We don’t want terrorists here.”‘

Some wire services are saying that the bodies of the perpetrators may be buried in a secret location so as to prevent the site from becoming a shrine for other extremists.

Aljazeera also says it has exclusive footage showing how Indian police managed to capture one of the terrorists, Ajmal Amir Qassab.

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