Cole on Colbert Report Tonight; New Reviews of "Engaging the Muslim World"

Remember to check in with Stephen Colbert’s “Colbert Report tonight, Wednesday, at 11:30 ET, 10:30 Central for his interview of me regarding “Engaging the Muslim World.”

More reactions to Engaging the Muslim World

Novelist and journalist Anis Shivani reviews the book for Huffington Post:

Engaging the Muslim World exposes the fallacies of recent myths constituting Islam Anxiety, and offers the first real alternative course of pragmatic engagement. While faulting the Muslim world where fault is due, it also understands its legitimate grievances. It deplores short-sighted policy machinations, without indulging in America-bashing. It seeks the highest possible moral ground for sustained engagement. The book aims for nothing less than a complete reorientation of U.S. foreign policy toward the most misunderstood part of the world, and it brilliantly succeeds.’

M. J. Rosenberg, initial posting at TPM Book Cafe

Patricia DeGennaro, initial posting at TPM Book Cafe

My interview with Laura Flanders of GritTv.

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