News from the Book Tour

Thanks so much to Steve Clemons and the New America Foundation for hosting my talk regarding my new book on Tuesday afternoon. It was live streamed, and I will post links when it is available as a clip.

Engaging the Muslim World

Here is a response to a point I made in my talk at the Prose and Politics bookstore on Monday night in DC. I had complained that there are no Arabic-language centers for the study of America at any university in the Middle East. There is some American studies, but mostly done in English in English departments. And, key works like the writings of Thomas Jefferson have not been translated. I proposed that some chairs be endowed. Bazar Dispatch suggests that US efforts on media and public diplomacy have ignored the key task of informing people of the region about America.

And, thanks so much to M. J. Rosenberg for his spirited denunciation of Martin Peretz’s McCarthyite tactics of blackballing people and interfering in their employment. (I had been hurt and confused when my old friend Marty Peretz, who always seemed like such a nice person suddenly turned on me. Not.)

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