Obama and Now-Ruz

President Barack Obama gave an unprecedented adress to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to its people on the occasion of the Persian New Year, “Now-Ruz,” which is celebrated on the vernal equinox. Obama caught the spirit of renewal that marks the special day’s commemoration, when he spoke of a changed world situation.

The Iranian newspaper Hamshahri specifically mentioned more than once that Obama addressed both the government and the people.

Farideh Farhi, writing at “Informed Comment: Global Affairs,” explains the significance of the phrase:

‘unlike his predecessor, he did not attempt to drive a wedge between the people and government of Iran. He spoke explicitly to both the “people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” acknowledging their common history and culture. No more we love the people of Iran but hate their government taunt repeatedly brandished by the Bush Administration.’

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