US to Join UNSC Talks with Iran on Nuclear Program

The US will join Germany and United Nations Security Council partners in face to face negotiations with Iran on its nuclear enrichment program. The Bush administration generally stayed away from the talks, on the somewhat bizarre theory that talking directly to the Iranians somehow legitimized them. Note that the Bush administration talked to lots of other governments of which it said it disapproved; did they legitimate Chinese Communism?

AP has video:

Iran says it will review the offer of further talks before deciding whether to commit to them.

Kazakhstan may be trying to broker a deal between Tehran and Washington on the Iranian nuclear program.

The course of the negotiations will be influenced by June’s presidential elections in Iran. Mir Hussein Moussavi, the reformist candidate, has lambasted his opponent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as an extremist and has called for a detente with the United States.

A United Arab Emirates official has suggested that the Iranian nuclear enrichment program be foiled by an offer to its regional allies of a nuclear security umbrella by the United States.

I can’t understand why everyone just keeps assuming that Iran will have nuclear bombs. It may get them eventually, but there is no evidence it is trying now.

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