Cole at Bill Moyers Journal re: Pakistan, Today, Friday May 15

Juan Cole and Shahan Mufti discuss the Pakistan crisis on Bill Moyers Journal, PBS, Friday May 15 (9 pm in most markets but check local listings).

NEWSLETTER – Friday, May 15, 2009

“This talk of Pakistan being a failed state — we’ve heard that. That’s been around for 50 [or] 60 years, and nobody in that country takes it too seriously.” – Shahan Mufti

“I think it’s cynical, and I think that it’s a way for Washington to put pressure on the Pakistani civilian and military elites to do what Washington wants them to do.”
– Juan Cole

This week on BILL MOYERS JOURNAL (check local listings)

* As the world follows the violence and unrest in Pakistan, Bill Moyers speaks with historian Juan Cole and GlobalPost journalist Shahan Mufti about how the US’s increasingly strained relationship with the troubled nation will impact the prospects for peace, human rights, and democracy in the war-torn region.

* And, Bill Moyers talks with Daniel Goleman, author of ECOLOGICAL INTELLIGENCE, on building awareness of how consumer products impact the environment and why he writes that “green” is a “mirage.”


* Read further dispatches from Shahan Mufti.

* Tips for smarter shopping and conservation.


* A prescription for Pakistan. What should the US’ strategic vision be for Pakistan and Afghanistan?

* What does ‘green’ mean? Tell us if you think talk of a green economy is realistic or wishful thinking.

* An essay from JOURNAL senior writer Michael Winship.

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