Clashes, Claims of Election Fraud in Iran

UPdate: The rally went ahead anyway. See above. Mir-Hosein Mousavi, the reformist candidate who alleges that Friday’s presidential election was stolen from him, was forced to cancel a planned nation-wide protest on Monday morning. Clashes had again broken out between pro-Mousavi demonstrators and Iranian police and paramilitaries on Sunday.

From Italian t.v., Iranian police on motorcycles charge pro-Mousavi protesters:

But aside from such dramatic street rallies, the public is expressing discontent in other ways. On Sunday at about 9 pm Tehran time, large numbers of people began rhythmically chanting “God is Great!” (Allahu Akbar). Presumably this chant was chosen because the mullah regime could hardly object to it. Loud reports were heard, of either gunfire or tear gas cannisters.

A list I am on was sent accounts of clashes between police and protesters in the city of Gorgan, in the Tehran suburb of Karaj (where the police were said to have lost control), and in Qom around Mousavi’s campaign HQ.

The regime not only cancelled Mousavi’s planned protest rally, but it continues to block facebook, youtube and other forms of communication. Cell phone reception is apparently chancey. The offices of the pro-Western, Dubai-based Alarabiya television network in Iran have been closed. BBC television election coverage via satellite is being blocked by the regime. has more on the looming IrAfPak war.

Globalpost has a view of the elections from the road.

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