Mousavi’s Web Site Closed; Manages to send Message to Iranians Abroad

CNN says that Iran’s National Security Council met recently with opposition leaders Mir Hosain Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi and Mohsen Rezai. Ismail Kowsari, spokesman for the NSC, is said to have complained to Mousavi that his position, that the presidential election was stolen, is “illogical” and that he should not have repeated it after Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei addressed the nation on June 19.

Kalemeh, the web site of opposition leader Mir Hosain Mousavi, has been closed down, as the regime tightens the screws in its crackdown on protests against what reformists see as the stealing of the Iranian election.

At another web site Mousavi has posted a letter to expatriate Iranians who had voted in the presidential election, explaining his current stance. He pledges to continue his campaign through legal channels:

‘ I would like to give you my assurance that I remain true to my existing pact with you and all layers of the great people of Iran, and using all legal avenues will demand your deserved rights that have been violated at the ballot boxes.

Unfortunately, as you witness in the international media, contrary to the letter of the constitution, and the stated freedoms in the Islamic Republic, all my communication with the people and you has been cut off, and people’s peaceful objections are being crushed.

The national media which is being financed with public funds, with a revolting misrepresentation is changing the truth, and labels the peaceful march of close to three million people as anarchist, and the media that are being controlled by the government have become the mouthpiece of those who have stolen the people’s votes.

I’d like to thank you again for your peaceful objections which have received widespread coverage across the world, and would like to ask you that by using all legal channels, and by remaining faithful to the sacred system of the Islamic Republic, to make sure that your objections are heard by the authorities in the country.’

He also cautions the expatriate dissidents not to get involved in revolutionary groups that want to overthrow the Iranian government.

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