OSC: Khamenei Blames Iran Discord on West

The USG Open Source Center translates the speech on Monday by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, in which he denounces what he calls Western attempts to foment discord in Iran.

. . . Supreme Leader: Iran Will React To Western Attempts to Create Internal Divisions Speech by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, in a meeting with people from different walks of life on the occasion of the birthday of the first Shiite Imam Ali, on 6 July — recorded
Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio 1
Monday, July 6, 2009
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. . . People in the Islamic countries today should see the hands involved in creating rifts among the Shi’is and Sunnis; they accuse and smear the Shi’is. They create conflicts among them. And a similar situation exists on this side (the Shi’is’ side). Some people on this side instigate the emotions of their Moslem brothers. They upset and annoy their feelings.

The Islamic world should be unified. That is what the world wants today. The needs of the Islamic community today require the Islamic countries to stand side by side and together. They have to have solidarity and consensus. They should not allow some enemies to take advantage of their weakness – enemies who have no power of their own – what is Israel compared to 1.5 billion Moslems? Against 1.5 billion Moslems, the (number of the population of) Zionist enemy is not a substantial figure. It cannot be taken into account. The discord in the Islamic world, and the weakness that exists within the Islamic world, have helped the weak enemy to find its way and to find allies from amongst Moslem brothers. The enemy has been able to find allies.

The Iranian nation also has to pay attention to this. We are a united nation. Islam unified us. The revolution awakened us and brought us close to one another and intertwined our will and determination. We became a powerful and hard punch against the enemies of the Islamic system, Islam, Muslims and Iran. (Chants of indistinct slogans from the audience in support of the leader’s comments)

The enemies are waiting for an opportunity to undermine our unity of word, to create discord and differences amongst the people, and to pit brothers against one another. The Iranian nation has to be vigilant.

During the recent overwhelming 22 Khordad (12 June) presidential election, the Iranian nation took a great measure. A great thing happened. This 40 million presence at the ballot boxes, meaning 85 percent of the people who were eligible to vote, is a unique number in the world.

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This brought a lot of honor to the Iranian nation (referring to the large number of people participated in the 10th presidential elections). It created a lot of strength for this great nation. It was an honor for the Revolution. It showed that after 30 years, the Revolution has such a power and capability to bring people to the scene.

The enemies became active to create differences among the people. They succeeded to some extent but the nation has to neutralize the enemy’s moves. The policy of the Islamic system is a clear one. In my opinion, from my point of view the competition among the candidates of the presidential elections is like a domestic competition among the members of a family. Sometimes, it leads to anger, too. Two brothers in a family may confront each other. It is none of the enemies’ business. It is none of the strangers’ business. The aliens who stepped into this arena through various political and propaganda lines had the aim of creating differences and discord and separation (among people).

The leaders of certain Western countries, presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers, and various other officials explicitly interfered in the Iranian nation’s domestic affair. It is none of your business. Why do you interfere? They interfere in an issue that is related to the Iranian nation and then they say that they do not interfere. What does interfering mean?

Isn’t instigating riots synonymous with interference? Isn’t labeling the Iranian people as rioters called interference? Isn’t it insulting? One group has voted for one candidate and another group has voted for another candidate. A minority and majority has emerged. There are rules. Naturally, those whose candidate has not won will be upset and disappointed. But this doesn’t mean that they will create riots. They are not rioters. Rioters are those few people who are receiving the budget approved by a number of Western governments to create differences inside Iran. They are the rioters. The US and European media which are mostly under the influence of the Zionists and are the enemy of the Iranian nation, Islam, and the Islamic Republic system, are implying that a section of the Iranian nation are rioters. I and the Iranian nation would like to warn the leaders of some of the states who are trying to use one of our country’s domestic affairs against the Iranian nation, to be careful. The Iranian nation will show a reaction. (Chants of indistinct slogans from the audience in support of the leader’s comments)

Firstly, everyone, including the heads of the arrogant states and those meddlers who interfere in the Islamic Republic’s affairs, must all know that if you, the enemies of the Iranian nation, get involved the Iranian nation will unite and become a strong fist against you even if they have some (domestic) differences. (Chants of indistinct slogans from the audience in support of the leader’s comments)

You (the West) mustn’t think that a certain current (inside Iran) will favor you just because you are supposedly defending or supporting it. This will never happen. We have a 30-year experience. For the past 30 years, the Iranian nation has recorded your enmity in its mind. The nation understands what you intend to do and what you’re doing. They mention the names of the people they claim to be defending. They are lying. They aren’t even defending them. They want to create differences. They intend to make the Iranian nation and Iran’s elite cynical toward one another. They are lying.

What lies in their hearts, which are full of hatred, is that they wish this independent system, and the honor and dignity of this country, which has resisted against their bullying, will not exist. This is what they wish for. It is not the case that they are in favor of a certain individual in the Islamic system and not in favor of another one. No, in their opinion whoever is committed to this system, whoever is committed to this Constitution, and whoever is committed to the ideals of the Iranian nation, is an enemy. They don’t want the Islamic Republic to exist. They want a puppet system, obedient to them, just like before (referring to Shah’s time). This is what they pursue. This is their disturbed and vacuous dream.

The Islamic system’s 30-year resistance has not woken them up, yet. The blows that this nation has dealt to their bullying and aggressive leaders so far have not made them conscious, yet. They still have a greed for our nation and country. They are wrong and they will definitely learn their lesson the hard way.
(People chanting slogans)

We will calculate the hostile behavior and remarks of these governments. We will write these down in their names. They should know this. These interferences will definitely have a negative effect in their future relations with the Islamic Republic. They should know this and understand this. The Iranian nation is not a nation that would bear bullying. The Iranian nation is a strong nation. The Islamic Republic’s system is a deep-rooted and stable system. The officials of the Islamic Republic’s system would be united together in safeguarding this country’s independence and resistance against enemies despite their differences. The enemies should know this. They should not think that they can create a division among the nation.

(People chanting slogans)

Unfortunately, these propaganda and distorting systems which are against the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation (referring to foreign media) have some audience inside the country. This was going on even during the sacred defense (Iran-Iraq war). They should also be aware. They should know that the support of these wild wolves will not do them any good.

They think of themselves. They are after their own interests. They use people as much as possible in achieving their own interests, just as they used Mohammad Reza (Shah) and Saddam. And when not required, they throw them away like a used tissue paper, just as they did not support Mohammad Reza in his miserable time. They did not support Saddam at his miserable and scandalous time. Don’t give your heart to anyone. The people are aware. The elite are aware. Unfortunately a limited number of people fall for them. They are deceived by their deceptions. When they (people) are deceived, they (enemies) get the wrong signals and in a way they are deceived by these signals, too. The nation is and should be aware. I advise the entire Iranian nation that today, more than anything else, it is necessary for us to be aware. We need to know our friends and enemies. We should not mistake a friend for an enemy. We should not mix friends and enemies. We should not treat a friend with behavior that suits an enemy. This is for all the parties.
(People chanting slogans)

Naturally, the Islamic system will confront those who cause disturbance in people’s security. This is the system’s duty.

The Islamic system will not let some people be subject to the enemy’s deception and plots and destroy people’s lives and peace, and threaten young people. This country’s children are dear. Everyone is dear. The system will not let this happen. But everyone should be aware not to mistake an enemy for a friend. We should not consider a friend as an enemy just because of one mistake. And on the other hand, people should not consider an arch-enemy as a friend and listen to him.

The enemy started those seditions with the hope that it would be able to fish in troubled waters. Thank God, the seditions are over. Any sedition will be destroyed against the truth and an aware nation. The dust will settle.
(People chanting slogans)

It has always been like this. The side effects of what was initiated by some enemies, some ignorant people, will be over. The main point will remain. The main point is that in a splendid election about 40 million Iranians participated. This is the main point. This is the true point. After 30 years from the (victory of) Revolution 40 million people showed their hope in the future and trust in the system with this participation. This is what will be remembered. The main point is that a president has been elected by winning more than 24 million votes. These are the main points of this issue. The side effects, the dust, the embellishments, the actions and remarks that please the enemy will be over. But this truth will live. (Koranic verse in Arabic) “For the scum disappears like froth cast out; while that which is for the good of mankind remains on the earth.” Of course the officials and the elected president should also appreciate this trust by the people. People should be thanked by serving them entirely and completely to solving their problems. There should be efforts for the country’s development and safeguarding the unity among the great people of Iran. These are existing truths.

You, the Iranian nation, did something big at this point of time, a major movement and the great God will bless this move and it will make progress. The officials should serve and the people should keep their unity, awareness, brotherhood, and kind approach towards one another. The enemy doesn’t want this to happen and you should try to do what makes the enemy angry. And what makes pleases the heart of the Lord of Age (the 12th Shi’i imam) is unity, kindness, cooperation, joy, and the revolutionary move of the Iranian nation. I hope the Lord of Age includes you all in his prayers. And hopefully the spirit of the great imam (Ayatollah Khomeyni) and the spirits of the martyrs would be happy with all of us.
(People chanting slogans)

(Description of Source: Tehran Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio 1 in Persian — state-run radio)

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