OSC: Shariatmadari: Try Mousavi and Karroubi

The USG Open Source Center translates a hard line editorial by an adviser to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, calling for opposition leaders Mir Hosain Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi to be put on trial.

Rightwing Iranian paper calls for prosecution of Musavi and Khatami
Keyhan Online
Saturday, July 4, 2009
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Text of editorial by Hoseyn Shari’atmadari, the managing editor of Keyhan, headlined “A political party or a fifth column?” published in Persian in Iranian newspaper Keyhan on 4th July

1- “Dear volunteer for the national university entrance examination! From now on, you should tell all your friends and relatives that you are going to receive the highest grades in the nation-wide university entrance examination for the year 88 (the academic year that starts next September). After the result of the examinations have been announced, don’t be worried that your name is not on the list of those who have received a pass grade. Issue a statement and announce that the examinations have been rigged! However, be careful never to give in to the invitation of the examination board to lodge a legal complaint to review the examination papers, because in that case you would lose out.”

Mirhoseyn Musavi’s headquarters (subhead)

On Wednesday afternoon 10/4/88 (1st July 2009) when the MSM system and text messages through the mobiles was once again restored after a short break, the above message was one of the messages that was sent on text message system in an extensive way among the citizens. Although the text of that message is laughable, yet it is exactly in keeping with Mirhoseyn Musavi’s claim about fraud in the election, and his strange and inexplicable refusal to go through the legal channels to follow up his claim. Even stranger is the fact that in his latest statement Mr Musavi has repeatedly stressed the need to abide by law and resolving the problems through legal means. He goes so far as saying that ‘even the corpse of the law must be respected!”

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So many overt contradictions, double standards and contradictory approaches cannot be explained in any logical way or through any natural and rational justification. There can only be two possibilities behind such behaviour, without the possibility of a third option. The first possibility is that Mr Musavi and some of his supporters are suffering from a strange illness and have lost the benefit of reason and thinking. The second possibility is that Mr Musavi and some of those who are surrounding him are committing those crimes as a part of a “mission”. This second possibility is so strong that it is almost impossible to reject it.

Not only are there many signs and indications in support of this proposition, but there are also many undeniable facts and documented evidence that point to a mission directed from abroad. In this connection, one may only ask which of their stances and way of behaviour has not been exactly in keeping with pre-formulated American prescriptions! Which of their demands has not been in keeping with the 30-year demands of American officials that have been repeated time and again? Nearly none!

It was not for nothing that America, Israel, the European Union, all counter-revolutionary organizations without exception, those involved in economic corruption, major industrialists, the plunderers and… (All ellipses as published) have risen in unison to support Musavi and his gang, and have used all their political and media capabilities in support of that group.

Here, we must point out that one should separate the accounts of those who have voted for him due to their political views and due to their lack of knowledge about the foreign mission entrusted to Musavi and the circles around him. The Iranian people always respect those people.

2- On the basis of available facts and documents, that corrupt movement has been implementing a foreign mission in order to encourage unlawful activities, kill innocent people, create a rebellion, plunder public property and weaken the power of the Islamic system. However, these days when they failed to perform their mission and were disgraced, instead of repenting and apologising to God and to the people for their mistake, they have started a new act in their conspiracy.

On Sunday, 7th Tir 88 (28th June) in a note headlined “those in charge of the circles”, Keyhan had referred to this stage of the conspiracy. It pointed out: “Turning the recent failed conspiracy into ’embers burning under the ashes’ and keeping it going as a ‘festering wound that has not been pierced’ in order to ‘create a flame and do mischief in the future’ is the next stage in the American (-led) velvet coup d’etat.” In that note, we had pointed out that this stage of the above-mentioned conspiracy would be implemented due to a feeling of despair in the heart of the conspiracy about the continuation of the riots and the fact that their big lie about fraud in the election has been exposed. The aim of that stage of conspiracy would be to pave the way for the creation of an “opposition” party with the slogan of “the tenth government is illegitimate”.

The latest act in the dictated American project started on Wednesday 10/4/00 (29th June), namely a day after the final and proven results of the election were released. That project started by releasing a statement in a few pages with – and we stress only with – Mirhoseyn Musavi’s signature. In that statement, without referring to his numerous illegal activities, Musavi repeatedly stressed the need to abide by law, and pursuing one’s demands by legal means. At the end of the statement, he came to the main reason for issuing that statement and spoke about the formation of a political party with the membership and participation of those around him!

An interesting point in that statement is that Musavi declares one of the goals of his anticipated party “to protect the violated rights and votes of the people in the last election, through the publication of the documents and facts about violations and frauds that took place in that election, and referring them to judicial authorities”! He does not explain why if he possesses certain documents and files about fraud in the election, despite the repeated demands of legal authorities, he has refrained from producing those documents! If, on the other hand, he does not accept any of the legal authorities, then first of all why is he talking about adherence to law? Secondly, why did he register his candidacy in the presidential election and why did he compete in the election through the same legal channels of this system? Thirdly, why does he now speak about turning to the same legal authorities? There are scores of other contradictions in his statement, but dealing with all of them is beyond the scope of this note.

3- Although in his recent contradictory statement Musavi has implemented another part of his mission that had been dictated to him from abroad – as had been anticipated – nevertheless, there is another aim behind the publication of that statement. That aim is to escape from definite punishment for the murder of innocent individuals, inciting riots and rebellions, hiring some thugs and ruffians to attack the lives, property and honour of the people, clear collaboration with foreigners, performing the role of the fifth column inside the country, and scores of other undeniable crimes. Those are frightful crimes and overt acts of treason for which the main culprits, including Musavi and (Mohammad) Khatami, must be tried in an open court in front of the eyes of the oppressed people who demand that the blood of their loved ones should be avenged.

4- Establishing a political party requires adhering to some defined laws, which include the political health of the founding members and organisers of that party. Consequently, the party that in his recent statement Mr Musavi has spoken of cannot be legal, because its main (founding) members, namely individuals such as Mirhoseyn Musavi and Mohammad Khatami, are accused of having committed many crimes that were referred to in the previous paragraph. Therefore, as law-breaking is the known and overt characteristic of Musavi and the circle of people around him, it is not unlikely that they would form their party without receiving a legal permit for it. In that case, the true name of that organization should be a “fifth column”. It would be another version of the “fire burning under the ashes of sedition”, and there is no other option to deal with it except, in the words of His Holiness Imam Ali (peace be upon him), to “crush the sedition before it materialises”.

5- Finally, without any doubt, the tenth presidential election was a divine blessing. In the course of that election, the bond between Islamism and the republicanism of the system was demonstrated in an amazing way as the result of 40 million votes and 85 per cent participation of the voters in the election. Also, in the course of that election the true face of those who for so many years had made claims (to being faithful to the revolution) but had hid their faces behind a mask of deception and corruption, has now been made clear to all the people.

These purges (palayesh, also means cleansing) in the upper circles will no doubt be accompanied with growth in the body (of the public). The unlawful behaviour and the rebellious nature of those who claimed to be reformists had remained hidden from some people who had been deceived by their reformist and law-abiding slogans, but now those doubts have been dispelled and…

(Description of Source: Tehran Keyhan Online in Persian — conservative Tehran evening daily. Published by the Keyhan Institute and edited by Hoseyn Shari’atmadari, Leader Khamene’i’s representative at the institute; URL: http://www.kayhannews.ir)

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