Remembering Iran’s Protests on the 4th of July

Remembering the protests in Iran in pictures and film on the occasion of the America Declaration of Independence:

Aljazeera English on “Mousavi and the Masses”, part I:

Mousavi and the Masses,” Part II:

Parnaz & Ashkan:

“The Owner of this Land”:

And some relevant print reports:

LAT on one innocent man’s 10 days in Iran’s labyrinth of a prison system, just because he stopped to help a fallen protester.

A coordinated international response is building against Iran’s plan to put Iranian UK embassy employees on trial.

Fareed Zakaria’s (implicit reply to Bomber Bolton):

CNN: What about a military strike?

Zakaria: It would be bizarre to bomb Iran— which means bombing Iranians — now that we have seen the inside of that country. Moussavi and his supporters want a less confrontational approach to the world. So do many members of the establishment.

Moussavi attacked Ahmadinejad repeatedly for his aggressive foreign policy. So we now know the answer to the question, “Are there moderates in Iran?” Yes, millions of them.’

End/ (Not Continued)

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