Cheney shoots W. in the Face with Memoirs

Former VP Richard Bruce Cheney says he will air his dissatisfactions with George W. Bush’s policies, especially in the second term when Cheney feels he yielded to politics as usual.

Cheney believes in elective dictatorship. He thinks democracy and elections are just the way a ruler gets in power. After he is elected, he may act as a dictator, indeed must do so for the good of all. Since this theory is almost guaranteed to deprive a politician of a second term if he implements it, W. dumped it for the 2004 campaign and after, which still smarts fo Cheney.

Cheney, of course, could never get elected to anything higher than congressman, while Bush had to worry about getting a second term as president.

Cheney is letting it slip that he didn’t personally believe in democracy-promotion, the centerpiece of Bush’s policies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For Cheney, being in power means never having to say you are sorry.

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