Missing Pilot found in Iraq; In the End, will there be anything Left of Bush’s UN Speech that is not a sheer Falsehood?

“Speech by George W. Bush, President of the United States at the United Nations General Assembly, 12 September 2002″, making the case for going to war with Iraq:

… In 1991, the Iraqi regime agreed to destroy and stop developing all weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles, and to prove to the world it has done so by complying with rigorous inspections. Iraq has broken every aspect of this fundamental pledge. . .

In 1991, the U.N. Security Council, through Resolutions 686 and 687, demanded that Iraq return all prisoners from Kuwait and other lands. Iraq’s regime agreed. It broke its promise. Last year the Secretary General’s high-level coordinator for this issue reported that Kuwait, Saudi, Indian, Syrian, Lebanese, Iranian, Egyptian, Bahraini, and Omani nationals remain unaccounted for – more than 600 people. One American pilot is among them. ”

Voice of America, August 2, 2009:

The U.S. military says it has positively identified the remains of Navy Captain Michael Scott Speicher, whose jet was shot down over west-central Iraq on January 17, 1991. A U.S. Department of Defense statement Sunday says Iraqi citizens led U.S. Marines to the burial site in the desert. One Iraqi said he was present when Speicher crashed, adding that the fighter pilot did not survive and was buried by Bedouins.

End/ (Not Continued)

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