Internal, External Crises Sharpen in Iran

Iran has agreed to meet with the six world powers in early October. While they want to discuss Iran’s nuclear research program, Iran is insisting that its activities are legal under the Non-Proliferation Treaty and is signalling that it will be reluctant to do anything differently. has video:

See Farideh Farhi’s new essay, “Ahmadinejad’s Nuclear Fallacy” for a canny explanation of what is going on in Iran on this issue.

Meanwhile, inside Iran, eminent cleric and thorn in the side of the Khomeini government, Husayn Ali Montazeri, on Monday branded Iran a “military-controlled” regime and called on the leading clerics to condemn repression. He argued that if all the major clerics (called maraji` or exemplars, i.e. people to be imitated in their views on the religious law) took on the regime, it would be forced to change.

Three of Montazeri’s grandsons are said to have been taken into custody, in response.

And, Mehdi Karroubi (one of the presidential candidates) is refusing to back down on his allegations of prisoner abuse, even though they have been rejected by judicial authorities.

Both inside and outside the country, things are coming to a head.

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