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  1. Yes, Reagan did try that in the 80's, but since when does the US Gov't learn from history? Only great leaders respect history.

  2. I know the history of US involvement in Afganistan has been on bad or pooly implented tactic or another, but isn't this the same general idea that has brought a semblance of stability to Iraq? Right now every possible action involves risk, including withdrawal.

  3. Dear Professor Cole

    The big difference is the Taliban don't have helicopters so giving people Stinger won't work this time.

  4. This and Aram Roston's article in the Nation, "How the US Funds the Taliban" is being picked up by every credible news outlet… The war profiteers, both the corrupt US and Afghan, appear to be the only ones interested in continuing the latest episode of the GREAT GAME. Unfortunately, we're broke and printing money so it can continue.

    The generals are complicit in the BIG LIE, historically telling every president that with more money, troops and time everything will be wonderful and we can WIN.

  5. Paul: "…isn't this the same general idea that has brought a semblance of stability to Iraq?…."

    No. Geez Paul, where have you been?? Iraq was STABLE before the US arrived to take control. Iraq had health care, enough food for everyone, relatively non-porous borders, a professional middle class, high literacy, institutions of higher education that functioned, sewers that worked, clean water, and electricity. Even FOREIGNERS could safely and comfortably and reliably travel there because Iraq possessed those amenities. The US military DESTROYED OR DEGRADED all those amenities of modern life. Saddam Hussein didn't do that. The Taliban didn't do that. Al Quaeda didn't do that. The Russians didn't do that. The Chinese didn't do that. The Communists didn't do that. American did that. Deal with it.

  6. Geez James!

    That was then, this isn't. We have to deal with the situation as it is NOW. Buying off your enemies is a tried and true tactic. It DID work in Iraq and it could work in Afghanistan. Getting the Afghanis to fight for us and control their local affairs beats bombing the shit out of them and killing more of them and us.

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