Bethlehem Under Occupation; In the absence of all hope, we cry out our cry of hope

Aljazeera English reports on the economic difficulties facing the Palestinian Christians of Bethlehem:

Palestinian Christians are calling on the world community to end their occupation, saying, “In the absence of all hope, we cry out our cry of hope.”

For more on Palestinian Christians see Timothy Seidel.

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4 Responses

  1. .
    the US Navy Admiral serving as NATO spokesman in Afghanistan lectures Taliban on Islam.
    link to
    I think I know how that plays in Meridian, Mississippi. I wonder how it plays in Kandahar ?

  2. Offtopic:

    Kerry plans Iran visit:
    Wall Street Journal / JAY SOLOMON

    link to

    He seems not to appreciate that at this very moment the beleaguered people of Iran are giving their lives in the cause of democracy and freedom and is not only against the natural course of history, but choosing to side with the forces of evil, yet again.
    What happened to non-interferance in Iranian's affairs?

    Not that the IRI ever had any moral standing, but post-Neda, the IRI has lost all vestiges of legitimacy, and now, people like Kerry trying to restore some of that lost legitimacy.

  3. Kerry visiting Iran doesn't give it legitimacy, iranians do. Those protestors singing praise for khomeini and supporting one of his people, mousavi, give it more legitimacy than anybody else.

    And they better hope kerry is successful, for their sake.

    Serioulsy, the US can't do jack w/o being blamed. Non-interferce? Ok. Oh wait, you need to suppot the green movement! you dicator lovers! there's nothing the US can actually do, excdpt endanger world security by not solving the nuclear issue, but hey they can 'support' the green movement with emotional speeches and not negotionating with their government! hooray1

    And regarding the blog post, perhaps you should try posting something about the christians suffering under muslim intolerence in palestine, professor cole.

    Compassion and calls for justice only apply when your enemies are involved, I guess.

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