Conflict Grows Between Pakistan’s Taliban and Shi’ites

Conflict Grows Between Pakistan's Taliban and Shi'ites – TIME

Omar Waraich argues that Monday’s horrific bombing in Karachi of a Shiite mourning procession signals a deepening Taliban/Shiite struggle in Pakistan.

Pakistani analysts also considered that the bombing, which killed 40 and sparked riots in the country’s largest city, may have been intended tactically to provoke sectarian conflict that would tie down the Pakistani army and impede its Waziristan campaign against the Taliban in the northwest.

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  1. For the Informed Comment readers who don't follow Glenn Greenwald on a regular basis, Glenn has a post today on the obvious cause and effect of fighting wars in Muslim countries leading to breeding terrorists. USA corporate media does not ask about motives so our propaganda hides from USA the perceptions of the effects of our wars on others. It is so much easier when you are always right and what ever you do is OK and the world is black and white and we are exceptional. It will be harder to maintain this fantasy when we cannot pay for our military.

    Here is the link to Glenn's article

    link to

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