Iran Unrest Continues; Reformist Clerics Attacked

Unrest continued in Iran on Tuesday and Wednesday as dissidents combined mourning ceremonies for Grand Ayatollah Hosain Ali Montazeri with anti-regime demonstrations. In the important city of Isfahan, security forces attacked a throng of mourners and fifty were arrested. The ceremony was held at Sayyid Mosque, with reformist cleric Jalal al-Din Taheri presiding.

The regime is clearly especially worried about liberalizing clergymen who might assume the mantle of Montazeri, a regime critic with impressive scholarly credentials.

This concern is illustrated by the home invasion in the holy city of Qom mounted by hard line militiamen against reformist cleric Ayatollah Yusuf Sanei, in the course of which some of his aides were beaten. The hard liners want to expel Sanei and other reformers from Qom, branding them ‘hypocrites’.

There were also clashes between mourners and authorities Tuesday eveningin Najafabad

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2 Responses

  1. Clashes in Isfahan
    Blocking memorial service for Montazeri

    BBC: Iranian security forces have clashed with opposition supporters in the city of Isfahan, opposition websites say. Activists said police used tear gas and batons to disperse people gathering to commemorate Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Ali Montazeri, who died at the weekend. Security forces reportedly surrounded the home of the ayatollah who organised the memorial service. On Monday, tens of thousands attended the grand ayatollah's funeral in the holy city of Qom. Many of them shouted anti-government slogans. The funeral saw reports of clashes between security forces and mourners – with confrontations continuing in Qom on Tuesday. State television reported that government supporters staged counter-demonstrations on Tuesday and Wednesday in Qom >>>

    Woman resisting arrest by the police and basijis in outside Seyyed Mosque St., Dec 23:

    See Videos below:
    "Dictator e bichaareh, jonbesh edaameh daareh", protests at Isfahan Science and Technology University, Dec 22:
    link to

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