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  1. Grim Reapers
    Photo essay: National gathering of police chiefs

    by Ali Rafiei

    Meeting of police chiefs from provinces throughout Iran, December 23, 2009. Fars News Agency did not provide their names. link to iranian.com

  2. SAVAMA back into Action …

    Radio Zamaneh Report:

    Iran Intelligence Minister "identifies" 80 dissident groups
    Iranian Intelligence Minister, Heydar Moslehi, announced that the ministry has identified 80 foundations and organizations that were active in the post-election protests.

    In a meeting with the nation's provincial premiers he announced that these organizations were involved in the post-election "sedition" and one of them even has a 1.7-billion-dollar budget.

    The Intelligence Minister reportedly added that the objective of the "seditious movement" in the Islamic Republic is "altering the behaviour of government officials and the people" as well as dismantling the Islamic Republic regime from within.

    Mr. Moslehi maintained that this movement was established earlier at the conference of Berlin and Denmark.

    He listed "People's Mojahedin Organization, monarchists, religious and ethnic terrorists, Baha'is, homosexuals, feminist groups, nationalists and Marxists" as members of this movement.

    SAVAMA Prepares Crackdown …

    link to payvand.com

  3. Mohammad Nourizad
    Pro-regime filmmaker, journalist, blogger arrested for challenging Khamenei and Judiciary

    On December 20, there were reports that Mohammad Nourizad, filmmaker, journalist, blogger, and documentary filmmaker was first summoned and later arrested. He had written a letter to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in his blog in September, demanding an apology to the people of Iran. Most recently in December, he wrote an article in his weblog criticizing the new head of the Iranian Judiciary. He is being charged with “insulting authorities,” and “propagation against the regime,” according to Mehr News. Mohammad Nourizad originally wrote for Kayhan, a daily newspaper directly under the supervision of the Office of the Supreme Leader, but has distanced himself from it since the June presidential elections, writing articles criticizing government policies and practices on his blog. In his last entry on his weblog, he wrote that he had been contacted by someone from security police, summoning him for the following day at 8:30. He wrote: "I remembered his kind voice. He is the same guy who sent me to court last year for insulting the authorities. I asked him what are my charges this time? He laughed and said for insulting the Head of the Judiciary…."

    Interview with Radio Farda in September, 2009, after publising letter criticizing Khamenei:

    link to iranian.com

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