| Pakistan | President Zardari under pressure after NRO ruling

DAWN.COM | Pakistan | President Zardari under pressure after NRO ruling

Pakistan’s Supreme Court declined to extend a martial law ordinance that granted amnesty to high politicians charged with corruption. Chief among those newly liable to prosecution is president Asaf Ali Zardari. He probably cannot be impeached or tried while in office, but his position has been weakened. His opponents are calling for his resignation.

This sort of political crisis does not frighten me. They will just have new elections if it comes to that, and someone else will be president. Likely it will be Nawaz Sharif of the Muslim League , who has a grudge with Taliban now, as well.

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  1. With Zardari's popularity down into the single digits, I don't think he will be able to last too much longer. One of the biggests causes of internal strife within Pakistan is the fact that the Pakistani government is completely going against the wishes of the majority of the people (primarily by cooperating with the US.)

    A new leader taking a different approach could greatly increase stability in the country. I agree that Sharif is most likely to be next in power, and I also believe he has the best chance to improve things, assuming he abandons pro-US policy.

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