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  1. Copenhagen has failed. The UN has failed to address the most important crisis in human history. This is now the time for sanctions, boycotts and embargoes. A new alliance is needed. An alliance of hope and peace and justice must be built to oppose the axis of pollution, extinction and self destruction.

    link to selfdestructivebastards.com

  2. This is pretty much the OP for this WH, if they want it to fail the say what everyone wants to hear then steps away when the real work should begin.

  3. I wouldn't say the UN has failed. I would say the US has betrayed Homo sapiens. Think about the endless prattle from Americans about they saved the world in WW1 and WW2, defeated the Soviets, etc. etc. But when it really comes down to it, the US is only so much talk — and money, always money. The only thing that really matters to 90% of the members of Congress, to all of Wall Street, and of course to Obama.

  4. Let's hope that Copenhagen fails. Goldman Sachs and other unscrupulous entities are looking forward to the new carbon derivatives market.

  5. Eric S, the below is from Paul Krugman:

    Oh, and the argument that if you create a market, you’re opening the door for Wall Street evildoers, is bizarre. Emissions permits aren’t subprime mortgages, let alone complex derivatives based on subprime; they’re straightforward rights to do a specific thing. It will truly be a tragedy if people generalize from the financial crisis to block crucially needed environmental policy.

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