Gopal, Afraid of the Dark in Afghanistan

Tomgram: Anand Gopal, Afraid of the Dark in Afghanistan | TomDispatch

“The foreign soldiers, most of them tattooed and bearded, then went on to the main compound. They threw clothes on the floor, smashed dinner plates, and forced open closets. Finally, they found the man they were looking for: Habib-ur-Rahman, a computer programmer and government employee. Rahman was responsible for converting Microsoft Windows from English to the local Pashto language so that government offices could use the software. He had spent time in Kuwait, and the Afghan translator accompanying the soldiers said they were acting on a tip that Rahman was a member of al-Qaeda.

They took the barefoot Rahman and a cousin of his to a helicopter some distance away and transported them to a small American base in a neighboring province for interrogation. After two days, U.S. forces released Rahman‚Äôs cousin. But Rahman has not been seen or heard from since.”

Worth a read. Doesn’t sound like winning hearts and minds.

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2 Responses

  1. .. and does not sound like Pres. Obama has stopped Americans from torturing brown people.

    It's sad, and actually shameful, how ignorant Americans are about what their government is doing in their name.

  2. I know this incident is bad, but how else should we look for suspects? I suspect the tips are getting watered down, and we are using M-80's to fish for trout.

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