Israeli Militarism, Local Conflicts Driving Palestinian Children Crazy

Flesh and Stone – War is hell on the brain: Doctors map psychological disorders in Gaza and the West Bank

“23.2 percent had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), 17.3 percent had an anxiety disorder (other than PTSD or acute stress disorder), and 15.3 percent had depression.

PTSD was more frequently identified in children under age 15, while depression was the main symptom observed in adults. Among children under 15, factors significantly associated with PTSD included being witness to murder or physical abuse, receiving threats, and property destruction or loss. “

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4 Responses

  1. Is it naive to ask why the media and our correspondants can't say something? Why can't someone go on Keith Olberman or Larry king or anydody? Why is the media shutting these kids voices off? Shame on us! 54 members are not getting anywhere.

  2. In the "Duhhh…." department, Human Rights Watch has announced a news flash: Hamas targeted Israeli civilians. Apparently Hamas claims, and HRW halfway believed, that the rockets were fired only at military targets. (Probably because Hamas believes any Israeli person or building is a military target.) Today HRW came to the realization that civilians are deliberately targeted:
    link to
    "GAZA CITY (AFP) – Human Rights Watch on Thursday rejected Hamas claims that the Islamists did not target civilians during Israel's devastating Gaza offensive just over a year ago.
    'Hamas's claim that rockets were intended to hit Israeli military targets and only accidentally harmed civilians is belied by the facts,' the New York-based group said."

  3. And our "hope and change" in chief says that Israeli human rights abuse in Gaza is deplorable because "it negatively impacts our and Israel's security"! Of course not because such acts violate international human rights laws and human dignity.

    So much for an honest broker and from a brilliant constitutional lawyer, How much more disappointed can you get over Obama?

    Watch the video here
    link to

  4. Great observation, but how many children in Sredot have PTSD after 8 years and 8,000 bombs and 50,000 air sirens going off.

    How about PTSD from Intifada 11 ? After how many 100'2 of suicide bomb attacks.

    You don't need tanks and helicopters to cause terror.

    Terror is terror when innocents are killed. IRA, Hamas are the same. Good cause. horrible tactics.

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