Blog Migration

Old-time readers please bear with me as I move the blog to a new hosting server and a new publishing software (WordPress).

And, don’t worry, the template will improve as I move away from this generic look.

I began in the old days with, as many early bloggers did, and despite some substantial frustrations (lack of technical support, occasional breakage of file transfer protocol ability) I stuck with it because changing to a different format threatened to break my old links and disrupt the readership.

But this winter (owned by Google now) announced that it would no longer support ftp’ing off site. I.e., to stay with them I’d have to move to their servers and accept a different domain name, though they offered work-arounds so that it would still look as though readers were visiting That change was unacceptable to me. I value my independence.

Not only could I no longer do business as usual at, but my little server could not handle the more sophisticated version of WordPress I would need to import my blogger files.

So I had to move servers (that is why I was offline this weekend), and now have to gradually import my old postings. I installed a plugin that should have allowed them to keep the same post names, but it doesn’t seem to have taken. (Update: the post page names appear to have been successfully synchronized! Yaay).

Oh, well, the new software will be fun.

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38 Responses

  1. Prof. Juan, I wish I had professors like you when I was at Uni. I might have done more than 8 hours study per week. You rock the Kasbah.

  2. Just as long as you keep on keeping us informed, Prof. Cole, and we’ll put up with any hiccups along the way. Very glad to see the site back up.

    Hope the new software doesn’t cause you too much personal hassle. Good luck!

  3. Dr. Cole, you might recall my laudation and expressed admiration for your work (only occasionally, speculating on your correspondence volume). Yours is a priceless contribution to necessary world dialogue, particularly, in my view, on Palestine and Israel. This note simply requests that you mention, if you care to, the new software by name so we can check it out (are you leaving us in the dust?). Yours, Norman Palmer, Santa Fe

  4. Here’s hoping everything turns out alright. I use your blog as a huge database of Middle-Eastern news and info so I really hope the links don’t break down.

    ^ ^

  5. Glad you’re back Professor. The “new” look for IC is most pleasant. I must confess that there was the moment of panic when I toggled up IC and got this ominous blank ‘error’ page. Had to read the fine print and take a deep breath.

  6. Great move! I have just gone thru a similar move myself. Since Google and the other search engines will re-index your old links you should be OK.

  7. I read Informed Comment everyday. I like it because you give the news from a variety of sources and you explain things like a college professor. I have learned alot about the Middle East and some other countries.

  8. I like the simple look. Can we make a start to ending the clutter-is-better website design theory?

    • I second that, the generic design appears to be both simple and smart; the characters are easy to read and the white background is restfull for the eyes. The banner at the top adds some color to attract the eyes.. everything is right IMO, sometimes more is worse..

  9. Good luck Juan! WordPress is the way to go. Thanks for the effort and the dedication. Your work is appreciated.

  10. “And, don’t worry, the template will improve as I move away from this generic look.”

    There is nothing wrong with a simple, generic look on a blog. It is the content that matters, the rest is just fluff. Don’t overdo your design.

  11. already beautiful with the header picture and clean look.

    Messing with the technology is part of the fun 8-/.

  12. We will be patient. (though I wonder at your definition of “fun”)

  13. Perhaps there are those who have accomplished every task they’ve ever tried online PERFECTLY eaach and every time. Fine. Good for them.
    As for the rest of us, I think we understand the travails involved take time.
    Thank you Dr. Cole!

  14. Juste un petit mot pour vous dire combien votre blog nous est utile à tous, bien au-delà des frontières des USA. Bravo pour cet effort permanent d’information raisonnée.

  15. LOL, what Dan said. Myself, having been notified by google that I was free to fly on my own, I went into hiding initially, but eventually sought guidance from peers and those likely to be more knowledgeable about such things (i.e. I posted a “HELP!” message on FB) and decided to go with WordPress. I’ll spare you the details. Suffice it to say I still about the amount of hair I had when I started, and my blog is at the same domain, and a similar URL to where it was before.

    What blogging software did you move to?

    Thanks for your time and electrons.

  16. yes juan
    a vast improvement
    much easier to read
    one request though:
    please do not change the format
    so that it is so wide that we have
    to shuttle back and forth to read it
    paul at ‘war in context’ and phillip
    at ‘mondoweiss’ have done this
    and it is very frustrating trying to
    read them in said fashion
    thank you for your efforts
    very much appreciated

  17. Juan

    good luck with the migration, I don’t know what I would do without you as you have become my primary source for foreign policy news and information. by the way I really like the your temporary generic look. keep it; simple is better!!!

    Stamford, CT

  18. Best wishes for smooth sailing on this upgrade. I too like the “uncluttered” look (and larger font). I’ll check back tomorrow. Don’t forget to sleep (and eat) — tinkering can be so very engrossing! Thanks for all.

  19. Nice template — much cleaner.

    Lots of folks will benefit from any pointers you have about the “how to” of such a transition.

  20. Your new website looks more professional and readable.


  21. Finding out that the old URLs will still work is the cheeriest news I’ve gotten today. I was bummed! Congrats on the move. Sounds like they just forced you to do something you always wanted to.

  22. Juan , along with many others I’m sure, I’m faced with the same dilema. Change my website name to blogger or start afresh.
    Looked at WordPress…. It’s beyond my technical ability to use it. Haven’t yet figured out an alternative.

    Good to see you have battled through, to get this thing working as I rely on you for reliable info on that troublesome part of the world.


  23. Magnificent mosque and I should know which one it is but I don’t. Can you identify the photo??

  24. It looks clean and easy to read. I’ve just switched my site to wordpress for similar reasons, so I sympathize with the teething pains. Oh, do I ever….

  25. Greetings from Paris, Juan!

    Congrats on the new design, and bravo for illustrating it with Taj!!

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