Top Ten Differences between Mir Hosain Mousavi and Lady Gaga

Satire alert.

Time magazine’s publicists inform me that there is a duke-out going on between Lady Gaga fans and those of Iranian Green Movement leader Mir Hosain Mousavi. So, below, I offer the top ten differences between the two. First the announcement:

‘Lady Gaga fans are protesting the results of’s TIME 100 online poll, where readers have been casting their votes for the person they think merits a spot on this year’s TIME 100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Gaga fans are accusing supporters of the winner, Iranian opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi, of fraud by stuffing the online ballot box. Gaga was leading the poll and was then toppled by Mousavi. “We’re not voting or supporting this until Mir-Hossein Mousavi is disqualified,” exclaimed an outraged Gaga fansite webmaster in an email to, who continued “They were cheating and we have proof.” Note: no improprieties have been discovered in the polling smackdown. . . This year, Mousavi came in first place with more than 830,000 votes to Lady Gaga’s third place showing with about 412,000 votes. . . . The TIME 100 issue with the actual TIME 100 list chosen by TIME editors, which will include Mousavi, will be released online on Thursday, April 29th. ‘

Top Ten Differences between Lady Gaga and Mir Hosain Mousavi:

1. Mousavi, a reformist, favors women being able to show their faces. Lady Gaga favors wearing masks.

2. Mousavi ‘sat poker-faced through each sarcastic onslaught’ of his presidential debate opponent, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Lady Gaga merely sang a song, “Poker Face.”

3. In those presidential debates of May, 2009, Mousavi rejected Ahmadinejad on the grounds that the incumbent is a drama queen who had made Iran a laughingstock with his histrionics. In contrast, in her song, “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga says “I want your ugly/ I want your disease . . . I want your drama.”

4. The Iranian government tried to stop Mousavi’s ‘Facebook revolution,’ so called because demonstrators used the social networking site to organize their massive demonstrations. On the other hand, Lady Gaga was among the most mentioned names on Facebook during 2009.

5. Mousavi on several occasions was prevented from receiving phone calls from his followers, who were trying to arrange demonstrations, because the fearful regime turned off cellphone service in the capital. Lady Gaga sings in a duet with Beyoncé entitled “Telephone” that she does not want to receive phone calls.

6. Demonstrators against the theocratic government in Iran often tried to conceal their faces so that the secret police could not photograph them and track them down. In her song “Paparrazzi, Lady Gaga speaks of being eager to be photographed with her friend.

7. Zahra Rahnevard, Mousavi’s ‘Islamic feminist’ wife, aimed to be first lady of Iran. Little known fact: Gaga Ahmadinejad is presently first lady of Iran, according to sarcastic Gossip Girl staff.

8. Many of Mir Hosain Mousavi’s student supporters on college campuses were expelled. Only one of Lady Gaga’s ‘little monster’ fans was sent home from school– for wearing a controversial t-shirt.

9. Mousavi disagrees with superstitious clerical leaders, one of whom says that unveiled women cause extramarital affairs, which cause earthquakes. Lady Gaga dressed provocatively while pledging earthquake relief aid.

10. Mir Hosain Mousavi clearly has cojones, to challenge the entire Iranian government. Lady Gaga in contrast is only falsely rumored to have cojones.

Satire alert.

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12 Responses

    • saman
      Please see this video then you will underestand why we are fighting for MirHossein, For freedom, for our Lost democracy:

      link to

      Thank you for all your support

  1. Brilliant! And, although I am a huge Gaga fan, Mousavi definitely deserves the cover of TIME.

  2. But clearly the similarities between the two are also apparent:

    For example both use theatrics and gimmicks to draw more attention to themselves than their otherwise unremarkable performance in their chosen field (electoral politics for Mousavi and music for Gaga) would warrant.

    And now we know that Gaga’s fans are, very much like Mousavi supporters, sore losers: …“an outraged Gaga fansite webmaster in an email to, who continued “They were cheating and we have proof.” Note: no improprieties have been discovered in the polling smackdown. . .”
    Haven’t we seen something similar last summer? I hope the irony is not lost on the Mousavi camp. By the way I too think Mousavi should win, he clearly toped Gaga for the title of the real drama queen of 2009.

  3. The funniest part being that they’re only different sides of the same coin.

  4. Good stuff, just what the doctor ordered for a saturday evening. Has it been translated to Persian yet? Good professor, how about some Hadi Khorsandy?…cheers

  5. It worth noting that Kehyan newspaper editorial which is the supreme leader’s tribune mentioned Lady Gaga in their article and even in some way recommended their supporters to vote for her,does this make Lady Gaga’s fans happy or angry? (just for one moment imagine the ones who are actually killing and beating people start voting for her just to beat Mousavi)because we don’t have access to fast internet in Iran and voting has been a real challenge for us (even online,whith all the filtering and low speed and …) so whats the fuss about cheating? I love Lady Gaga but hey, don’t brave Iranians who have been facing death and torture and rape, deserve a chance to vote fairly for the one who is their symbol and leader once?or should be accused again this time by the ones out of the country

  6. Sir,
    You are dead wrong in your assumption that Mousavi won the elections. Surely, by now you must have come to that realization. It takes a big person to admit they were wrong. I think you can do it!

  7. Winning the poll will give a little more clout to Mir Hosain Mousavi, who’s a force for good. While I find Lady Gaga genuinely interesting, winning the Time 100 poll this year won’t make her any more interesting.

    Put it where it’ll do some good.

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