80 Dead in Twin Ahmadi Mosque Bombings

Taliban in Pakistan launched horrific suicide bombings at two mosques in Lahore on Friday, killing at least 80 persons and wounding dozens. The mosques belonged to the minority Ahmadiyah community, widely considered non-Muslims by Pakistani Sunnis and Shiites. (Ahmadis consider themselves Muslims). Previous militant bombings linked to the Taliban and kindred groups had targeted mosques and religious edifices of the Shiite minority.

Russia Today has video:

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  1. This is indeed shameful.To use religious difference as an excuse to kill is simply abominable. These things used to happen not so long ago in the Irish Republic between Catholics and Protestants too.
    In the early period of last century Jews were persecuted by Christians throughout Europe simply because of being Jews. This as we all know culminated in the holocaust. During the Spanish inquisition Muslims were slaughtered in the name of Christianity with hardly anyone left.Jews were slaughtered too but mostly expelled seeking sanctuary in Islamic lands like Morrocco,Turkey,Egypt,Iran and Syria where they still live today in complete prosperity. (A point to be remembered by Israel today that does not hesitate to slaughter the Arab Muslims at the slightest pretext.)
    Those few Muslims who survived the inquisition were forced to become Christians. These survive till today and call themselves ‘Moriscoes’.
    The Portuguese and the Spanish in their enthusiastic mission to spread Christianity or Catholicism annihilated two empires in South America by destroying two ancient civilisations namely the Mayas and the Aztecs.Populations of the Native Indians were wiped out without any qualms of mercy.
    The religious far right Hindus in India slaughtered some 2500 Muslims in the State of Gujarat in the year 2002 and displaced some ten thousand. The killers have still not been charged and still hold high official positions in the government of Gujarat.
    In Iraq Sunni-Shia killings became a common thing ever since the invasion of the country by the US and allied forces.
    The US too is a very religious country and Christian Evangelists have their broadcasts regularly on some 100 radio stations everyday spewing hatred for other religions. Gerry Falwell was one of the leading exponents in this art.
    Religion minus bigotry can be a beautiful thing. Unfortunately intolerance is the second nature of man.
    Religion also brings unity and a system to the life of humans though it is unfortunately exploited by bigots due to perversion of the mind. Can a non-religious society be an answer? They experimented with Communism and the world saw the unprecedented slaughter of humans on a scale never seen in the history of mankind.
    So guess one has to live with the hope of a metamorphosis of man’s mind like the constant changing particles of the universe.

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