Lieberman’s Modest Gulag Proposal

In order to prevail in his attempt to have the US citizenship of ‘obvious terrorists’ revoked, Sen Joe Lieberman would have to overturn the Fourteenth Amendment, which says, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States . . . are citizens of the United States . . .” Moreover, he would have to overturn a Supreme Court ruling which held that the citizenship of Americans who vote in foreign elections (.e.g in Israel) cannot be revoked by the State Department.

But if AFROYIM v. RUSK were overturned, American Jews who vote in Israel or serve in the Israeli army would risk losing their US citizenship.

Lieberman is most likely proposing his dishonest and unconstitutional law on behalf of the Israeli right wing. Rightwing Zionists have managed to get most organizations opposing Israel’s colonization project in the West Bank declared terrorist organizations. They hope that then anyone who objects to the aggressive expansionary policy of the Israeli government can be branded as giving material support to terrorist organizations and so could be denaturalized and even deported from the US. In other words, Lieberman, a latter-day McCarthyite, would like to do to the American Left and Realists what Israel has already done to the Palestinians, and render them stateless and voiceless.

The proposed law is also unconstitutionally vague, but that is not the worst of its flaws.

Lieberman is among the biggest warmongers in Washington, constantly urging we put American youth in harm’s way for his sectorial projects, something he gets away with because of the remote-control, all-volunteer, virtually invisible character of US warfare out in the world now, as Tom Engelhardt describes it..

The ruthlessness and frankly fascist tactics of these rightwing nationalists (I know Lieberman is a domestic liberal, but then in some ways so was Peron) are astonishing. And likely they would boomerang against the Jewish-American community. Might not proponents of the West Bank settlers be construed by some courts as giving material support to terrorism? But then they are not designed actually to benefit Jews or Israel; they are designed to benefit Greater Israel ideology.

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14 Responses

  1. is it really a policy proposal, like i reckon he’s just flapping his lips

  2. Since Lieberman is a Jew, I found his “knowledge” about stripping a bit weird; for instance, didn’t he know what happened to John Demjanjuk? Also, the Constitution notes there need be only two witnesses for treasonous statements. Doesn’t he remember Aaron Burr? Now that we have video, this could be easier to prove to a legal standard. We do have a process, and it works very well when followed. As for the warmongering charge, as a Vietnam veteran I notice the draft dodgers like Lieberman, Cheney, Bolton, et alia always talk tough to over compensate for their personal cowardice. Just read the names on the New Hampshire Gazette’s “Chickenhawk Database” to see what I mean.

  3. Were ‘fascist’ Joe Lieberman to get his way with that “McCarthy” legislation, would we have the people of Connecticut to thank for that?

  4. And I might add that the Bush and now the Obama administration have been trashing the fourth amendment with illegal, warrentless wiretapping. I don’t think we really have a b ill of rights anymore.

  5. Is Joe Lieberman really that ignorant of history? Everything he says about citizenship seems to have been said before and in German.

    As long as he has automatic dual citizenship in Israel, Joe L. should be aware of blowback to the community he belongs to. What did the Gore and the voters of Connecticut see in this man?

  6. My understanding is the US government can revoke a US passport arbitrarily. So this is not adding any new ‘power’ to the US government as a US national abroad has few privileges that do not involve a passport.

    Wesley Snipes, Paul Robeson, and Philip Agee are the answers to the trivia question: Americans that have had their passports revoked.

    Minor legal issues can get your passport revoked too: Matt Tulley, 33, said he was contacted just before Christmas by officials who told him that, because he owed child support payments to a former girlfriend, he could not work overseas.

    • They are talking about revoking ones citizenship, i.e American nationality, not just one’s passport, i.e your right to leave the country. Huge difference.

      • Re reading it, it appears the idea is to remove citizenship so that the offending individual can be drone bombed or ‘aggressively’ interrogated (Anwar Al Awlaki?).

  7. Having your passport revoked and losing your US citizenship are entirely different matters. Lots of US citizens don’t even have passports, but they’d miss their citizenship.

  8. It appears to me it is time Mr. Liberman be reminded that Israel is NOT the 51st state of America. What works in Israel doen’t and shouldn’t work here.

  9. I use to think Lieberman was a stand up guy, but his actions of late have changed my mind.

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