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  1. Wow. Make sure to watch the entire clip. You could not ask for a better illustration of the difference between Obama and McCain. It’s a great reminder of how much worse this disaster would have been if we’d had a president who was gung-ho in favor of expanding offshore drilling and nuclear power, rather than expanding support for green technologies and energy independence.
    As Obama said, “we cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good”. Perhaps the government’s response has not been “perfect” (hindsight being 20/20) but it certainly has at least been “good” considering what they are dealing with. For those who wish to criticize Obama instead of BP, stop and consider what we would be dealing with if McCain or Bush was President.

  2. Wow, I thought we’d voted AGAINST that guy. How did he get put in charge of our energy policy prior to the BP blowout?

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