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  1. Tsk, tsk …. I’m bothering to write only because I rely on you to sort out a lot of militaristic politics & other war-inflected news … here’s what I wrote about Blue Planet to my own FB friends. You should definitely know better about Belize (it’s not an island, or even a peninsula!) … and in 2010 it’s kind of late to refer to our species as “man,” doncha think?

    Music sucks, but the photos are great – as are sentiments – at least until they get to the part about “man” (that strange, gendeless being). Also, Belize is not an island … it’s a country … and unless your map was made in Guatemala, where they would like to gobble it up, it is part of Central America. But despite all these complaints, the pix are really a treat – check them out!

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