Raid Survivor Says he Disarmed 2 Israeli Commandos in Midst of Shooting Rampage

Kenneth O’Keefe, a victim of the brutal Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara on Memorial Day that killed one American citizen and 8 others, at least, speaks of how he grabbed Israeli commandos’ weapons after they went on a shooting rampage, and then saved the commandos.

And here is O’Keefe’s interview in which he ridicules the Israeli authorities charge that he is a ‘terrorist’ because of his peace activism. He suggests that Israeli security is ‘bumbling fools’ if they actually did have a terrorist in custody and summarily released him.

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  1. Thank you Mr Cole for posting these Important videos , the information on them ridicule the Israeli Officials . Bravo .

  2. Somewhat off topic but I wanted to mention that you can indeed donate to the German Jewish organization that is planning a humanitarian aid ship to Gaza which Prof Cole had mentioned in his June 7 post (Jewish Gaza Aid Flotilla Planned link to )

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    It feels good to make a donation to such a worthy cause. I feel somewhat safe donating to a Jewish group knowing that I can not trust our government not to turn around and prosecute people in the future for donating to organizations that are humanitarian in nature but which the government chooses to redefine as terrorist organizations after the fact. What a great country we have become.

    But seriously I hope you’ll spread the word and donate.

  3. Really appreciate Kenneths truth telling and intrepid spirit. Bet Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Chris matthews will not be having him on. Although we should all demand that they do. the other side of the story

    Have folks seen this. Important to watch

    link to

      • Kathleen: Thanks for the video link. It will go around to many people.

        Fox & CNN has spent more time on an unresolved 5 year old murder case in Aruba than what Israel did against the aid flotilla, killing 1 American & 9 Turkish innocent people.

        Rachel Meadows, Keith & others totally ignored the since killing was done by Israel.

        It really shows how much our FREE MEDIA is FREE.

        Thanks Professor Juan, by bring things in correct prospective, that the big MEDIA is afraid to present.

  4. Thanks and I’m sure the spin is rolling against him but he doesn’t look like some one that gives up.

  5. The poor guy looks like the Israeli commandos really worked him over. Did they do that before or after he helped save them from the activists? I just read a Yahoo article about Obamas News Press Conference with Abba regarding the flotilla “incident” and other matters. While Obama did not condemn Israel as severely as many other companies have, at least he was quite unhappy about the incident and Israels conduct and he said so. That’s some improvement.

    I am still confident that other powers are at work in this situation and Israel will feel the results of that powers definitive action. I have the same faith about my personal life and my detractors fate. It’s amazing how people always think they are immune from the inevitable consequences of their actions.


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