Top Ten News that is Not News

10. “Tropical Depression Stirs Concern.”

9. ” Financial reform package wouldn’t change Wall Street much.”

8. ” In Afghanistan, Petraeus will have difficulty replicating his Iraq success.”

7. BP Stock Reaches all-time Low.”

6. Palin’s Legal Defense Fund was illegal.”

5. Nine in Ten Americans Eat Too Much Salt.

4. Jindal Vetoes bill to Open his Office’s Oil Spill Records.”

3. Israel Seizes Oxygen Machines donated by Norway to Palestinian Hospitals in Gaza.

2. “Judge Who overturned Obama’s offshore moratorium owned drilling stocks.”

1. “Former US VP Dick Cheney Hospitalized after Feeling Discomfort.”

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7 Responses

  1. Juan, I see your ten and raise another ten

    link to

    The first page of 10 (view all not working) that give a clear and factual history of the Israeli/Palestinian era of inhumanity that is missing in the public discourse. All pages are important as resources contradicting the standard zionist propaganda efforts. The truth, not work will make free.

  2. And here’s the non-news (judging by the radio silence being observed in the U.S. MSM) about Iran sanctions, which probably is a very big deal indeed:

    link to

  3. Here’s another one to go with #2

    “Obama officials still approving flawed Gulf drilling plans”

    link to

    “According to MMS records, since June 2 the agency has granted environmental exemptions — known as “categorical exclusions” — to three new drilling projects. Of those, an Exxon Mobil site at a water depth of 1,000 feet and a Marathon Oil site at 775 feet are classified as deepwater; the third is a shallow-water project by Houston-based Rooster Petroleum.”

    “”At no point did any of the moratoriums cease the use of (categorical exclusions),” Suckling said. “They’re cueing up all these drilling projects with no environmental review, so they’re just sitting at the starting line” until the ban ends.”

  4. Israeli newspapers are reporting that an Iranian Newspaper has reported that US military forces are “massing” in Azerbaijan. If the US sent more than one Battalion there would’nt that get reported by the Times or Post? I have also seen a report that there is a report that 4 or 5 aircraft carriers are on their way to the Indian Ocean.
    Have you heard anything of that sort? If that is true that would be alarming. Just one aircraft carrier probably has twice the combat potential as the whole Iranian Air Force.
    Such an overwhelming force would not need surprise to achieve a tactical victory.
    I guess that in the US military they still believe that if you string one tactical victory after another you will eventually be able to say that you won.
    I hope that they do not interrupt coverage of the World Cup to show us cruise missiles and F-18s flying over some Iranian city. They better have the decency to wait until the Championship game is finished.

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