Video Shows Israeli Commando Executing American

Update: Paul Woodward has discovered an earlier video posted to the Web from which the following was apparently culled, via what he calls ‘creative editing.’ Obviously, raw footage is preferable, but it isn’t clear if the effect of the editing was actually any falsification of the sordid reality of what occurred.

Original posting:

The Israeli military attempted to confiscate and erase the photographic and video evidence of its brutal asault on the Mavi Marmara aid ship on Memorial Day. But it turns out that digital images can often be recovered after erasure, and can be put on small memory sticks that can be hidden in nooks and crannies of luggage. So some images are in fact surfacing.

The most damaging is a film of an Israeli soldier kicking an American citizen while the latter is on the ground,and then executing him. This film completely refutes the rightwing Israeli government’s narrative of besieged lightly armed troops haplessly fending off naked aggression on the part of the aid workers. (In the Israeli scenario the victim would not be prostrate on the ground being kicked before being shot). The video, which has not been confirmed, is
now at YouTube: says that they asked the Israeli military about the video but did not get a substantive comment

See also Tikkun’s remarks.

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  1. Let’s just for a moment imagine if Iran did this to a US Citizen after boarding an unarmed ship flying the flag of a NATO member in international waters. What would the MSM media do, what would Obama do, what would Congress do, what would NATO do?

    If those darn Turks start hating us, it must be because they too “hate our freedom,” not because our government enables and shields the zionist criminal enterprise.

  2. Wow this should be getting much wider distribution. Have not heard it mentioned on any of the other sites I visit. Good catch Dr Cole.

  3. I particularly enjoy the part where they sh0w us the person on the ground, and his passport, proving that the Israeli’s truly are genocidal, child-eating reptilians.

    ..oh wait..

    This is a lot of bullshit.

    • 9 people, at least, are dead, shot 30 times with real bullets. They included a photographer sitting down and shot between the eyes. There is video of what happened, whether this is it or not.

      • Does it matter all that much, the ‘who’ on the ground (deck)? Someone is being beaten, kicked and eventually shot. Even countries with capital punishment find more humane was to carry out the sentence.

        Would it be a lesser crime if the victim was female? Black? Muslim? Tall? Fat? Did not wash regularily? That is a person, animals are not treated that badly.

  4. Tikkun would not allow anyone to reveal the truth about this video clip so I’ll try again here. I used to own a gun very similar to the one used by the IDF commando. The reason there is no muzzle flash, no recoil and no ammunition clip is because it’s a PAINTBALL GUN. No one was “executed” in this video.

    • It is not a paintball gun. From the discussion:


      Good call, but it’s unlikely because he was definitely reloading in some way – and that’s not necessary after every shot with a paintball gun

      also in previous videos you could clearly see the paintball hopper. i think it’s reasonable to assume this is a real assault rifle.

      • You should watch that much more closely…there is no recoil when the soldier is supposedly firing. I don’t mean to discredit this in any way. The boy was assassinated and the IDF is hiding stuff. But this particular incident is a bit skeptical. There really doesn’t seem to be recoil and so I’m not sure what exactly they are firing. Actually, if anything, it looks like the soldier’s machine gun is jammed!

        For those of you who question who is being killed that does not seem to be hard to discover. They could have asked someone on the ship.

      • Yeah, not a paintball gun, what he’s reloading is an M-203. However I don’t think that is what he fired.

    • Sure, they fired paintballs at pointblank range. Just for fun ya know. Riiiiiight…

  5. So, VNJD, you’re saying that shots to the head from very close range with a paintball rifle can’t kill? I thought the reason one wears a helmet and visor when playing paintball is that it is indeed lethal if hitting the head.

    • The headline of the video is bogus. The shahid Furkan was shot by a 9mm side-arm. The reason for a helmet and goggles is the same as any other sport. IT HURTS. It doesn’t kill.

    • @Rechavia
      It’s very very difficult to damage somebody substantially with a paintball gun. A shot to straight into the eyeball might kill, but is more likely to blind. Paintball masks only really serve to protect the eyes and teeth.
      A shot to the head with a rubber bullet, though… that can kill quite easily.

  6. Juan —

    9 people, at least, are dead, shot 30 times with real bullets. They included a photographer sitting down and shot between the eyes….

    — All that needs to be known is known. The Israelis acted beyond all words.

  7. Paintballs CANNOT be lethal…. That isn’t a paintball gun being shot in that video though, that is clearly a full on gun (or for the conspiracy theorists or doubters, a fake gun made to look like a real assault rifle).

    People wear masks and helmets when they play paintball to avoid welts/bruises/pain, (they can hurt like hell) and worse case scenario one might take out your eye.

    That video looks like it could be damning, but there isn’t anything conclusive that I can draw from that video. I’m very supportive of the flotilla’s effort and very angry with the Israeli approach to handling the situation but I don’t think anything in that video allows me to draw any further details on what happened on that ship that night.

  8. EXCLUSIVE: New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla

    link to

    See coverage on Democracy Now! Excerpts from raw footage that was smuggled out by Mavi Marmara passenger filmmaker and activist Iara Lee. According to the report the entire footage should have been formally released at a press conference at the United Nations this afternoon.

  9. It is quite clear that the editing amounts to a falsification. The soldier who supposedly shot this person kicks him once and walks away BEFORE the next soldier kicks him a couple more times, then follows after the (apparently still live) person who crawls away.

  10. I don’t always agree with what Professor Cole says and sometimes I don’t like what he says but I’m not going to try to nit pick what he is doing into irrelevance because it is too important to be silenced and also very few other people have the guts to do it.

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