8 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan in 24 Hours

8 American troops have died in Afghanistan in the past 24 hours. One of the operations involved a suicide bombing at the gates of an elite police HQ in Qandahar, followed by an attack with small arms, leaving 3 US troops dead along with an Afghan policeman and 5 civilians.

Qandahar is the major southern Pashtun city (the greater metropolitan area has nearly a million people), and is the intended site of a concerted counter-insurgency campaign by US troops.

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2 Responses

  1. Surprised not to see any comments – that’s eight deaths too many. We need to admit our mistakes and leave expeditiously.

  2. If Qandahar is the intended site of a concerted COIN campaign, then should we assume that Q. was existing in an alternate universe to this point?
    Why the need for a separate campaign? Isn’t COIN a entire national project?
    If we now need little self defense, quasi police/self protection forces ,then is it not logical to surmise that all the money and lives spent to present have obviously been squandered?
    If the AFGH Army/police/Nato/US forces haven’t secured Qandahar then why should we surmise that another campaign will do the trick?
    jim at rangeragainstwar.com

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