Another City Submerged as Floods advance in Sindh;
Where are the Rock Stars?

Remember how I said a little after midnight on Sunday that the city of Sujawal, population 250,000, was threatened by advancing flood waters from broken levees in Sindh?

Well, just a few hours later, Sujawal is now under water
. That is a city roughly the same size as Fort Wayne, Indiana; Greensboro, N.C., St. Petersburg, Florida; Orlando, Florida; or Madison, Wisconsin.

And the waters are raging toward Thatta, the major city in the area and a center of administration from which relief efforts would ordinarily be directed. The Pakistani military is still trying to divert the waters from Thatta.

The number of people needing immediate help is now 8 million. One of my readers asked, where is the Telethon with rock stars on American t.v. for this world-historical disaster? Where indeed?

If you don’t want to wait for the telethon, Oxfam America is taking donations for relief work in Pakistan.

Courtesy BBC

Sanjay Gupta reports from Sindh Province in Pakistan as the flood waters advance on towns and cities and people flee on foot

Reza Sayah’s amazing report on the daredevil aid rafters of Swat, who are braving torrents on tied-together used truck tires to get UN food and other aid to hundreds of thousands stranded on the wrong side of the river when the bridges were washed out. This devastation comes on top of the 2009 army campaign in Swat against the Pakistani Taliban, which had displaced 2 million people who had only managed to resettle when the floods hit.

Aljazeera English on the 8000 schools that have been damaged by the floods, and a further 5000 that can’t function as schools because refugees are being housed in them.

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7 Responses

  1. If you’re going to give money, just whatever you do, don’t give it to The Red Cross. Less than 3% ever makes it through. The rest is soaked up in executive fees, advertising, “administration”, private jets, etc.

  2. Dear Professor Cole,
    Thank you so very much indeed for all your efforts toward bringing public attention to the devastation in Pakistan! Perhaps you may know, Pakistanis at home and in the diaspora are etremely reluctant to make contributions of funds that may go through discredited and corrupt governmental and non-governmental organizations. However, the desire to help the less-fortunate and overwhelmed victims of the floods is ripe and therefore must be somehow channeled for ultimate social good.

  3. Some other organizations needing donations

    MSF or Doctors Without Boarders (International site): link to

    UN World Food Programme (International site): link to

    Both will inform you and accept your donations. Already mentioned Oxfam is also superbly competent.

  4. At the risk of winding up some of your less ecumenical readers, may I suggest:

    Islamic Relief: link to

    Also very good (they are brilliant at supporting human rights and building up local organisations for long-term development):

    ActionAid: link to

    If you wish to give efficiently be sure to sign up for a regular donation!

  5. Where’s the ISI? Where’s the billions we gave the ISI and the Pakistani military?

    Further, any rock stars trying to raise money for the victims of the Pakistan floods will immediately be demonized the the right in the US as aiding and abetting terrorists. We can just imaging how much Palin and Beck would support any effort to raise funds. We can just imagine how Fox News would cover it. They’d immediately start demanding how it would be possible to guarantee that no finds would go to “terrorists.”

    Of course, they’d be right if the ISI was in any way involved. And the ISI would be involved.

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