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  1. If I miss it I hope you will have a location that I might see it and a later time. It’s rare to see someone other than bloodthirsty warmongers talking about the miracle that is Iraq.

    • The Iraqi Security Force is going to need large numbers of private contractors indefinitely. It is built in their order of battle TO/E.

      Doesn’t the sovereign Government of Iraq (GoI) have the right to hire security contractors?

      To my understanding all security contractors hired by the US Department of State and all other international foreign ministries are regulated by GoI. This doesn’t apply to contractors hired by US Forces Iraq. However, the large majority of contractor mess ups applied to non US Forces Iraq contractors. US Department of State contractors were particularly notorious.

  2. Try to find some time to counter the neocon chickenhawks who have been hyping the Iran threat.

  3. Professor Cole:
    Can you or UTUBE put your full PBS interview on your blog?

    We would love to watch it in full length. Many of us did not watch it live on TV.

  4. Good job Professor Cole. Just one constructive criticism if I may: When she talked about the personal toll of the Iraqi war of 4000 american troops and thousands of Iraqi killed and injured, it was a great opportunity to say the real human cost of that war which you told us is hundred of thousand Iraqis not thousands and to show the public the real cost of that war.

  5. The word “thousands” of Iraq’s killed is a clear indication of US media bias or propaganda and why Americans are so ill-informed about the world. The count of Iraqi deaths has been recorded for years, now totals some 1.3 million — yet PBS refers it to thousands — showing incompetence or compliance with JP Morgan’s 1925 initiative to control the media — which CFR now gives the signal and PBS, like Fox follows.

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