Pentagon Quest for Wikileaks Mirrors Plot of Eisler Thriller

The Pentagon is pressuring wikileaks not only not to release more classified documents about the Afghanistan war but to take down the files already posted.. A reader at said that the statement showed that the Pentagon does not understand how the Internet works.

The CSM quotes a former FBI official who concedes that probably the Department of Defense cannot do anything about the leaks. But she means legally. Julian Assange posted a large encrypted file called ‘insurance’, presumably to avoid rendition, a non-legal solution.

It struck me that many of these plot elements strongly resemble those of Barry Eisler’s riveting new thriller, Inside Out.. The quest for sensitive classified information, the Internet insurance file, the pressure, the spinning of the leaker… It is eerie.

As you head off to the beach, do yourself a favor and take Eisler’s novel with. As a former CIA analyst, he knows how it is done.

My fans will be interested to know that a namesake of mine makes a cameo appearance.

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4 Responses

  1. I suppose that President Obama could invade Iceland or Sweden. Anything to mask the tragedy of Afghanistan and the needless and immoral Bush-Obama war.

  2. I’ll get Eisler’s novel. It sounds exciting.
    speaking of which, I watched a hilarious video yesterday of Jon Stewart’s take on the leak with a happy ending of Afghan police doing bong hits. It was on Aljazeera’s blog. It’s 8:59 m. Here it is.

    link to

  3. It so happens that I had recently purchased “Inside Out”, but had put it on the bookshelf for reading mañana. But with this recommendation, I’ve taken it off the shelf and will start reading this afternoon. And yes, I’m a fan, so will be looking for the cameo appearance of one Juan Cole.

  4. Minor correction – the actual title of Eisler’s book is “Inside Out”.

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