Top Ways Dan Senor Could have avoided offending Iraqi Muslims

Former Bush administration spokesman in Iraq Dan Senor is against the building of a Sufi Muslim community center in lower Manhattan. He says he is concerned that interfaith understanding may be damaged.

Since Senor is so worried about religion and hurt feelings, he no doubt feels badly about what he and his team did to Iraqi Muslims. So here are the top ways Dan Senor could have avoided hurting the feelings of Iraqi Muslims:

5. He could have avoided lying about the anger in Iraq in 2004, a prelude to the civil war. He say, “I can tell you that the majority of this country, the majority of the population, is returning to normalcy and wants a stable, democratic Iraq to take hold.”

4. He could have told the truth about the horrific security situation in Iraq early on. He once joked off the record to journalists asking about the deteriorating security in Iraq, replying, “Off the record: Paris is burning,’ he told them. ‘On the record: Security and stability are returning to Iraq.’ ”

3. He could, like, stop defending the Bush administration’s having lost track of $9 bn. of Iraqi money

2. He could have avoided being liar in chief for a brutal and duplicitious occupation of a major Muslim Arab country, which has left 4 million displaced, hundreds of thousands dead, hundreds of torture victims, and a country in shambles without so much as a government at present.

1. He could have not been involved in an illegal act of naked aggression against a major Muslim Arab country.

Mr. Senor does not want a Muslim mosque near him? What in the world was he doing in Baghdad then? Or maybe he is a supremacist who only wants to be near Muslims who are under Occupation.

I think he may have done rather a lot of damage to interfaith understanding, from which even Karl Rove admitted it will take us a generation to recover.

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  1. Excellent post; the controversy over the center puts in stark relief what certain racists really think about Muslims.

  2. Dan Senor has all the credibility of Comical Ali (Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf , Saddam Hussein’s information minister, aka Baghdad Bob) who famously insisted that US forces were being defeated while they were on the outskirts of Baghdad.

    As far as I know Senor has offered no apologies and has no regrets for his work as a professional liar for the Bush administration. Why, then, should anyone listen to him today? Why on earth does he continue to appear on shows like MSNBC’s “Hardball”? It does a disservice to our democracy to give such thoroughly discredited people like Senor airtime.

    • “Why, then, should anyone listen to him today? Why on earth does he continue to appear on shows like MSNBC’s “Hardball”?”

      Good question. Why would anyone listen to Chris Matthew’s hardball???? Ever since his demonstration of “patriotism” on the eve of Iraq invasion by supporting Bush he has forfeited any credibility as a “journalist”.

  3. Please take a look at NewYorker article by Jon Lee Anderson, he went to Iran and had an interview with Ahmidinejad. He writes (no transcript):

    “People miscalculated,” one of my Iranian friends said. “They thought everyone in the country was like themselves, and that the rest of the country was like Tehran.” The demonstrations, in his view, had as much to do with social class as they did with politics. Mousavi’s and Karroubi’s voters in the Green Movement were largely middle or upper class. The soldiers and the Basij who attacked them were for the most part Ahmadinejad voters, drawn, like the President himself, from the less privileged majority of the city’s population, based predominately in the south of the city.
    . . .
    Ahmadinejad “grinned good-naturedly when I asked him if he understood why some were made nervous by his repeated calls for the destruction of Israel and his insistence on Iran’s right to nuclear energy.”

    So how is it that Mr. Anderson and NewYorker assert that Ahmadinejad has made “repeated calls for the destruction of Israel”. How is it that this gross exaggeration (big lie) is repeated by a supposedly responsible magazine, with a reputation for more depth than wsj or nyt, etc.? Small wonder that Israel can get away with its lies when media like NYer so readily accept them so uncritically.

    Also worthwhile: read for yourself the description of Ahmadinejad’s position on nuclear arms, and his comparison of Iran with Israel and USA and the NPT.

    Read more link to

    • Thanks to Prof. Coles’s blog I know that Ahmadinejad’s call for Israels’ destruction is a lie and a propaganda. Unfortunately for the vast majority of Americans they are being bamboozled by the the Israeli lobby supported mainstream media, and they have no clue.

      So instead of the typical “God bless America” we should say “God help America” because the state of affairs on our country is really hopeless.

  4. “For those interested in desecration of “Sacred Ground” one would be hard put to beat the locating of a U.S. Military Base close to Hiroshima”

    How about locating a U.S. base on an Iraqi archeological site?

    • “How about locating a U.S. base on an Iraqi archeological site?”

      It’s already happened:

  5. Another candidate for desecrated ground is the U.S. “embassy” in Iraq, which was built on stolen land with slave labour. I wonder what Senor thinks about Israel’s destruction of a Muslim cemetary in Jerusalem to build a museum of “tolerance”.

  6. Thank you Sir for this blog – it helps to understand what is being played in the mass media. I hope dearly that your blog is read by more and more people. I am doing my part to popularize it in my circles.

  7. One of the most hilarious stories to come out of the Iraq debacle is the idea that an entire warehouse full of freshly-minted American currency somehow managed to get frittered away to small businessmen in Baghdad (on top of all the other billions that actually were accounted for). It isn’t hard to believe that the people who took charge of the money at one of the most heavily-secured air bases on the planet know exactly where it’s gone, and it will probably be driving our national policy via clandestine channels for a very long time.

    $9 billion isn’t just “take out a few ads in the NY Times” money though…it’s “build a secret space base in a dormant volcano” money.

    Hard to believe that it’s been forgotten about even though it’s been investigated: link to

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