50 Dead, 128 wounded in Iraq Attacks

As Iraq continues to muddle along with no new government all these months after the March 7 parliamentary elections, insurgents struck in the capital.

The London pan-Arab daily al-Hayat reports in Arabic that Sunday witnessed a series of massive bombings in Baghdad that left 160 dead or wounded, the worst toll since 17 August.

In al-Liqa’ quarter of the al-Mansur neighborhood in Sunni-dominated west Baghdad, a car bomb killed 21 persons and wounded 70 others. Seconds later, two car bombs were detonated simultaneously in Sahat Adan in the mostly Shiite quarter of Kadhimiya in north Baghdad, killing 19 and wounding 65. The bombing in al-Mansur appears to have targeted Asia Cell, a cellphone company; it destroyed an entire office building completely and inflicted severe damage on a neighboring edifice, as well as burning out 20 automobiles. The explosion in Sahat Adan sought to destroy a building used for security meetings. Residents blamed the police for exposing them to this danger by using a house in a residential area for this purpose, when they know they are a target for insurgents.

In addition, eight mortar shells were fired into the Green Zone in downtown Baghdad where government offices and the US and British embassies are situated, behind blast walls. Mortar shells were also fired at the Shiite shrine district of Kadhimiya.

Three roadside bombs were also set off in the capital. One near Rusafa wounded 7 persons. Sticky bombs were used to assassinate Awakening Council leader Mu’ayyad al-A’dhami in al-Ghazaliya and Foreign Ministry official and tribal leader Shaikh Salih al-‘Ulwani of the Al-Bu ‘Ulwan tribe.

An Iraqi official downplayed the day of violence in the capital, saying that over all, the number of violent attacks had fallen over the past 2 months. He criticized government officials who had spoken of a spike in attacks. But in fact, AFP notes that “Violence appears to have risen again across Iraq in recent months, with July and August recording two of the highest monthly death tolls since 2008, according to government figures.” (Of course, the number of attacks could have fallen even as the deadliness of those attacks that did take place increased)

Al-Hayat’s anonymous security official also insisted that all of Baghdad is under the authority of the government security forces, while the terrorists control no territory. He dismissed the mortaring of the Green Zone as a hit and run attack from a mobile base.

In Fallujah, once an insurgent stronghold, a suicide bomber in the center of the city killed 6 persons and wounded 14. The attack may have been retaliation for a joint Iraqi Army and US military sweep of the city center in search of an ‘al-Qaeda’ leader last Wednesday, in which a firefight broke out that left 7 civilians dead.

Although President Obama announced the formal end of US combat in Iraq for August 31, in fact US troops still pair with their Iraqi counterparts to carry active war-fighting, as at Fallujah last Wednesday. In Baqubah a week ago, the US provided helicopter gunship support to Iraqi army units fighting with Muslim extremists.

Meanwhile, Australian journalist Michael Ware says he has videotape of US soldiers committing a ‘small war crime’ by summarily killing an armed boy who was not an insurgent. The footage belongs to CNN, which declined to air it as ‘too graphic.’ Ware is suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome after nearly a decade of covering the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. He is known for challenging then Republican presidential hopeful John McCain’s overly rosy view of Iraq security in 2007.

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7 Responses

  1. And our MSM still has not focused on just how many Iraqi people have died, been injured and displaced as a direct consequence of our illegal invasion.

    Not Jon Stewart either

  2. Its really frustrating how the violence in Iraq is still being downplayed. The attacks are getting more organized again and they are inflicting more and more casualties. Why should the attackers have more number of small attacks when they can organize in less more damaging attacks. Everyone that keeps downplaying this violence is forgetting how and why the insurgency started in Iraq and dismissing the similarities of who is mostly targeted. It started only as a mean to resist the american and ally and everyone that is associated with then including the police forces labeling them as traitors and enemy collaborators. So as long as there are still foreign forces or what the Iraqis call them”occupying forces” there will be violence in Iraq regardless of whether these forces are still engaging in actual combat or not.
    This violence will not stop and try to target everyone from green zone to police stations and army recruits or any Iraqi associated or working with the americans in any shape or form. So I hope everyone that cares about human lives and the situation in Iraq will stand up and acknowledge that the violence WILL never stop as long as there are American troops in Iraq.
    The Iraqi people did not and still do not want foreign soldiers on their streets. They don’t want a green zone in their country filed with foreign and semi governmental Iraqis protected behind enforced wall, swimming in palaces pools and building more chinese restaurants while the rest of Iraqis are in a red burning zone with little electricity and no basic needs. It took them several months after the beginning of the war to conclude that the forces are of “occupying forces” not a “liberating forces” to start the insurgency. It took them several months to conclude that their country is in the hand of someone that didn’t care about them and allowed the lawlessness to finish destroying their county while not even providing them with the minimal survival needs they had before the war.
    Very little has changed in the situation since then, whether 200 thousands or 50 thousand troops. These troops failed to protect them and their country even with much larger number.
    So how anyone would not acknowledge that this situation can only cause violence is beyond me.

  3. Whoa folks . Glenn Greenwald was on the Dylan Ratigan show with Cliff May discussing Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia. Glenn ripped it up and Dylan Ratigan allowed the conversation to take place. In fact Dylan was quite passionate. New territory for the MSM. Dylan even mentioned the uncounted dead in Iraq.

    I am Checkmate over at Salon
    link to salon.com

  4. Glenn Greenwald sure ripped it up today on Dylan Ratigan’s. Discussed Iran, Israel
    Glenn went up against Cliff May. Wiped up the floor with lies and inflammatory claims

    The Ahmadinejad game
    link to salon.com

    The Andrea Mitchell interview with Ahmadinejad is very interesting.

    Ahmadinejad “We think maybe President Obama wants to do something. But there are pressure groups in the United States who do not allow him to do so. Even if he wants to do something apparently thre are certain groups who do not allow him to do so” At this point the interpreter screams “they are zionist” but when you listen and watch the tape you never hear Ahmadinejad raise his voice like this.

    Andrea Mitchells response ” You are suggessting that President Obama does not have as commander in chief and leader of the U.S. does not have the decision making power over what he does”

    Andrea Mitchells acts as if the I lobby has no effect no power on the President on Congress. Mitchells spin game is not working any more.

    Then Mitchell says later

    “well there has certainly not been any suggestion anywhere else that there are so called Zionist pressure groups who make decisions for President Obama”

    Uh there have been many suggestions that President Obama and many other Presidents since Israel became a state have felt a great deal of pressure from Israeli pressure groups. Charles Freeman, Congressman Findley, Mearsheimer, Walt, Carter, Mandela, Archbishop Tutu etc etc have all said this. Guess Andrea Mitchell just can not hear

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